The Work of Guy Allen

Based in Tunbridge Wells, UK, Guy Allen has navigated a rich and varied twenty-five-year career across the creative spectrum. With roles spanning from graphic design to automotive artistry, editorial illustration, and cartooning, this artist has refined a distinctive and flexible visual style that captures the essence of each discipline.

Esteemed for their unique approach and versatility, their portfolio boasts collaborations with some of the most iconic brands in the automotive industry and beyond. Notable clients include Porsche, FIA, Phillips, BMW, Penguin, Mazda, BBC, Audi, The Petersen Museum, ABB Group, and Abarth. These partnerships have been pivotal in shaping their artistic direction, enabling them to fuse their love for automotive excellence with their creative vision.

This artist is dedicated to producing work that not only resonates with their clients’ identities but also tells a compelling story, evoking emotion and celebrating the rich legacy of automotive culture through every piece.