The Art of Ábel Tóth

Ábel Tóth art

Ábel Tóth’s racing art was born somewhat out of necessity: He wanted a Charles Leclerc Ferrari poster for his home but couldn’t find any that matched the high-contrast color-blocked styling he wanted. So, in 2019, he decided to make it himself. But it wasn’t as simple as putting marker to paper, the 31-year-old Hungarian learned.

As an experienced Adobe Photoshop user, Tóth, 31, knew he needed to learn Adobe Illustrator to create larger, scalable prints for his artwork. After training himself on the software, he began sharing his racing art online for use as computer or phone wallpapers. It didn’t take long for people to notice, and he soon began to receive offers for physical copies. What started as a hobby and an interest is now a side business for Tóth, who also has a day job.

His racing art business might be relatively new, but Tóth spent nearly his whole life knowing drawing cars. When he was a kid, his grandfather introduced him to Formula 1 during the Hakkinen-Schumacher era in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and he was a fast and passionate fan. He draws his inspiration from past racing images or videos he finds online. This, he says, is the easy part. The hard part? Finding time to create so many of these memorable motorsport moments in his vision.