Racing Hell: The Hidden Truths of Motorsport

Peter Cate, a seasoned British endurance racer renowned for the most starts in the daunting Nürburgring 24-hour race at the notorious ‘Green Hell’, has carved a successful career over three decades in top-tier racing competitions.

“RACING HELL” offers an unfiltered, insider’s look at the world of professional racing. It’s an eye-opening guide for budding racers navigating the industry’s challenges and a revealing read for enthusiasts curious about the real happenings behind the pit garage doors. Covering everything from club racing to Formula 1, this book debunks common misconceptions and provides a driver’s perspective on the often contentious and complex paddock world. Through genuine stories and current insights, it unveils the harsh realities, inherent risks, and exhilarating experiences of motorsport, culminating in an engaging and immersive finale.

Acclaimed figures have praised the book:

  • “An intriguing exploration of track life, essential for any motorsport aficionado,” says Sir Chris Hoy, a Six-Time Olympic Gold Medallist and Racing Driver.
  • Alex Brundle, a seasoned Racing Driver, remarks, “Peter belongs to an elite class of straightforward, highly-focused racers. His perspectives are invaluable.”
  • John Hindhaugh, a Sportscar Broadcaster, commends Peter’s “candid, thought-provoking reflections, delivered with raw honesty.”
  • Lauren Sneath from GPFans describes the book as a “blending of personal recollection, historical context, and astute analysis that leaves no stone unturned.”