So, You want to be Racing Driver?

So You want to be Racing Driver?

Yes, you can become a racecar driver.

The book “So, You Want to Be a Racing Driver: Everything you need to know to start motor racing in cars and karts in the UK” dispels the notion that becoming a driver is nearly impossible.

In this comprehensive, 160-page guide, racing driver and motorsport professional Leanne Fahy takes you step by step through the path to becoming a racing driver, starting with getting a license. The book details how to choose the right championship, kart, car, and equipment and how to use track time and racing simulators to your advantage. She even goes a step further and offers some tips for developing your media relations skills and dealing with motorsport press—all from her experience during her career as a motorsport journalist, writing for various publications.

Fahy acknowledges the cost barrier but shows how racing can be a hobby or career. This guide is everything you need to get on the grid in no time.

You can purchase this book from our friends at Veloce.