So, You want to be Racing Driver?

So You want to be Racing Driver?

Becoming a racecar driver might seem like a distant dream, but it’s more attainable than you think.

“So, You Want to Be a Racing Driver: Everything you need to know to start motor racing in cars and karts in the UK” is a book that breaks down the myth that entering the world of racing is an unattainable goal. Authored by experienced racing driver and motorsport professional Leanne Fahy, this 160-page guide is a thorough roadmap for aspiring drivers.

Starting with the basics of obtaining a license, Fahy expertly guides readers through selecting the right championship, kart, car, and essential equipment. She also delves into maximizing track time and using racing simulators effectively. Drawing from her background as a motorsport journalist, she even provides valuable insights on developing media relations skills and navigating the motorsport press.

While acknowledging the financial aspects of racing, Fahy demonstrates how it can be pursued as either a hobby or a career. This book is a comprehensive toolkit for anyone ready to start their racing journey.

Available for purchase through our friends at Veloce, this guide is your ticket to getting on the grid sooner than you might have thought possible.