PUMA x  BMW M Motorsport Reinvented Collection

PUMA and BMW M Motorsport are thrilled to unveil their Spring/Summer 2024 collection, fittingly titled “Reinvented.” This collection draws inspiration from the trailblazing BMW M Hybrid V8 and marks a new chapter in racing, infused with a forward-looking design that signifies the shift towards an electrified future.

The BMW M Hybrid V8 stands as a testament to BMW’s commitment to automotive innovation, redefining decades of racing legacy. Building on the V12 LMR’s iconic heritage, the BMW M Hybrid V8 not only honors its illustrious forerunner but also sets the stage for an exciting new era in motorsport.

The “Reinvented” collection reflects the sleek, futuristic design of the BMW M Hybrid V8, embodying the spirit of speed, strength, and the dynamic evolution of motorsport. The collection showcases a harmonious fusion of tradition and cutting-edge innovation, much like the BMW M Hybrid V8 itself.

Featuring a striking color palette, the collection embraces various shades of blue that conjure images of speed and precision, characteristic of the racetrack. Rich red tones represent the fervor and intensity of motorsport, while vibrant oranges inject a burst of energy and innovation. This varied color range is beautifully woven into a series of expertly designed items, including jackets, crewnecks, polos, and tees.

For women, the collection boldly introduces a chic cropped jacket, symbolizing fearless femininity. This is complemented by statement pants and an array of other avant-garde designs, each piece capturing the essence of modern style and racing innovation.