GT Manager Coming to PC

Tiny Digital Factory, known for the highly successful GT Manager mobile game with its impressive 4.5-star ratings and 3 million downloads, is set to launch an official PC version on Steam later this year. Titled GT Manager ’24, the game is tailored to offer a more in-depth simulation experience, aiming to draw PC gamers into the exhilarating world of racing management.

GT Manager ’24 invites players to construct their ultimate racing team, overseeing recruitment, management, and development. The search for sponsors is key, providing the necessary funds for vehicle upgrades and performance boosts. In the thick of the race, players are thrust into the strategic heart of the pit lane, where every decision impacts the team’s fate. Precision and quick thinking are crucial to outmaneuvering rivals and influencing the race’s outcome.

Key features of GT Manager ’24 include:

  • An expansive managerial system, optimized for PC gaming and longer sessions, with an extensive staff to recruit, manage, and develop.
  • Over 30 officially licensed racing cars from prestigious championships like the WEC, IMSA, and GT World Challenge Europe, featuring brands like Porsche, Aston Martin, BMW, Audi, Mercedes AMG, and more.
  • More than 20 official drivers and teams.
  • A detailed racing simulation experience with on-track accidents, tire management, and dynamic weather conditions.
  • Critical race management aspects, including pit stop strategies, tire degradation, and real-time weather adaptation.
  • Two types of championship races: Sprint races with 7 laps and Endurance races with 14 laps, including mandatory driver swaps and fuel management.
  • Sponsored side events within the championship offering extra cash rewards, enhancing gameplay and the team budget.
  • Progression through five racing leagues, including GT4, GT3, GT2, GTE, and Hypercar categories.
  • A season structure composed of 10 championship races, with progression based on race points.
  • Steam achievements in career mode, unlocking additional race cars.

Players will have to master all facets of race and team management, from recruiting drivers to budgeting and sponsorships. They can also experiment with different engine setups in Practice Sessions to find the optimal configuration for varying weather conditions.

GT Manager ’24 is now available to Wishlist on Steam.