FanAmp Fan Favorites | F1 | Week of January 19, 2024

F1 action isn’t always exclusive to on-track battles and overtakes! We chose our community’s top 5 stories from throughout the week, for a weekly recap of FanAmp’s favorite off-track action from around the web.

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The growing F1 trend that ended Haas

The future of Haas F1 hangs in the balance after the sudden and shocking departure of Guenther Steiner. And now, there’s a growing trend of hiring team principals with strong engineering backgrounds or promoting from within, with an emphasis on cost-efficiency. How is this approach reshaping the landscape of F1 management, and what could it mean for the sport’s future?

F1 cars vs. other vehicles

It’s a known fact that F1 cars are incredibly fast. You’ve probably seen various types of racing vehicles, such as road cars, race cars, rally cars, motorcycles, and even jets. It’s interesting to note the differences between them. But just how fast are F1 cars compared to normal road cars?

Hamilton answers fan questions with cute dogs

It’s no news that Lewis Hamilton loves dogs; he even has one very cute one of his own, his beloved bulldog Roscoe. Hamilton starts by introducing the dogs with a little of their heartwarming stories before answering questions from fans. One of the questions he had to answer was whether he had a name for each of his cars.

McLaren’s striking 2024 livery

McLaren has become the first Formula 1 team to unveil its 2024 look by revealing the livery for the upcoming season. It features more papaya, which has been a staple of the color scheme since 2018, and anthracite, another dominant color, along with hints of chrome. The 2024 challenger will be named the MCL38 and is due to break cover on February 14, when the team completes a shakedown at Silverstone.

Bottas swaps wheels for pedals in Australia 

Valtteri Bottas is currently in Australia, where he made a switch from his car to a bike, joining professional cyclist and his Australian girlfriend, Tiffany Cromwell. The dynamic duo, humorously referred to as the “pair of speedos,” made an appearance on ‘The Project.’ During the show, Bottas discussed his time in Southern Australia, their cycling adventures together, and the Stake F1 team.