Motor Affair Wants to Upgrade Your Porsche Keys

When the weekend is in full effect, there’s nothing better than a nice, long drive. But before you hit the open road, there is a small ritual that must be performed. Just like every journey begins with a single step, every drive begins with putting the key in the ignition. And this presents a question: What if this initial point of contact between you and your car, this catalyst that begins with a flick of the wrist and ends with your engine roaring to life, was better?

Focusing on this tiny detail in your overall driving experience is what led Motor Affair to develop their own line of aftermarket car keys. The Flat Six Keys fit every Porsche 911, 914, and 912E models built between 1970 and 1998. Each key is CNC machined from the same stainless steel that is used for modern Porsche keys—a bit of an upgrade over the brass keys that originally came with these models. 

Motor Affair offers two colors in addition to the standard stainless steel “silver,” “gold” and “midnight,” which has a black finish. 

In addition to keys, Motor Affair has a line of shirts available for every Porsche enthusiast. The “Boost” t-shirt features a Porsche 911 Turbo with fiery jets, giving us real Dark Knight vibes. And if you need something for your wall, check out Motor Affair’s Mid-Century Modern architecture series of prints that pair architectural-style drawings of mid-century modern houses with various vehicles parked in their garages.