Raceday Essentials: McLaren’s reigning F1 Esports champion Lucas Blakeley

It’s rare that you get to speak to an F1 world champion.

Scottish-born Lucas Blakeley is the reigning Formula 1 Esports title winner, driving for McLaren, in what is one of racing’s most hotly contested and fine-margin-decided series.

While our race weekend essentials feature usually involves drivers who are travelling from track to track, Blakeley’s racing career is a bit more complicated given his ‘car’ – or sim rig, in this case – is set-up at McLaren’s legendary technical centre in Woking.

lucas blakeley

Podium Life caught up with the champ – who drives for the team’s gaming arm McLaren Shadow – to find out more about him and the tech that drives him to victory.

Your race day essentials probably look a bit different to an at-the-track competitor. What are your race day essentials?

Our essentials are, PC computer equipment, as we race on the PC platform, which is what the 1 Esports Series is based on.

You’re going to need a headset, I use this exact one actually, my Logitech Pro X.

Headset is essential. It’s all about marginal details as well, so you’ve got to have a comfortable headset, because you’re gonna be wearing it all the time.

lucas blakeley

Mouse and keyboard easy to access as well. I’ll always have my Logitech keyboard and mouse ready to go. That makes life so much easier, which is really, really useful.

You’ll obviously have your racing equipment, you’ve got your rig, your monitor, your wheel and your pedals, all that stuff onto the rig, and then everything slots together.

Do you have anything superstitious with you for a race?

Well, there’s some things you do subconsciously. Anytime I get into a go-kart, it’s always from the left. So anytime I get into my sim rig, it’s from the left side.

Some things you do subconsciously, you may not even realise it’s a superstition. I wouldn’t consider myself superstitious.

I usually just try and make my life as straightforward as possible, as much as I can overthink things, so that’s why I probably have that tendency to try and keep it simple.

I don’t have superstitions, but I have things like habits, I’m not doing it for a luck-based reason, for peace of mind, mental preparation, feeling good physically.

On race days in F1 Esports, I will go for a run in the morning whether it’s on my treadmill or outside. Have a cold shower as well, because I feel it’s really good to clear the mind. Doing things that made me feel good and having a nice breakfast, very simple things that make me feel in a good condition.

lucas blakeley

Because when you feel good, you can often perform good. So I just try and make myself feel as comfortable as possible on a raceday. So these are sort of habits, I guess you could say, that I would do.

Wearing gloves and boots or not seems to be something that divides the sim community. Where do you stand on that?

For me personally, I don’t use any gloves or boots. It’s kind of interesting when you think of the contrast because, it’s not even a consideration in a go-kart and a real car.

It’s not even a thought and they sort of just feel like the normal extension of your body. Again, it’s preference as well. There’s no correct answer, depends on a few factors. But, just hands on the wheel, I just try and give myself as much feel as I can.

In sim racing, that’s just what I’m comfortable with.

Is there anything you use for fitness, or anything you have nearby, because you can be on the sim all day sometimes

I love a cup of tea and I’ll usually have one before, like a qualifying or before a race. That’s not like super ritualistic, but I like to have tea, in general, just to keep me a tiny bit more sharper, not aggressively full of caffeine, but it’s simple things like that.

You can’t beat a bowl of porridge, sets you up well for the day. It all comes back to the same principle of making yourself feel good, whether it’s physically, mentally, you’re in a position for a long time, under high stress, heart rates are high.

When I’m not in the rig, I’ll stretch or I will just try and make sure that I don’t have any cramps or anything like that as well. Which also comes to hydration as well. So making sure I’m really hydrated.

I guess it boils down to the simple things but you do all of them as well as you can.

Let’s get into your equipment a bit more. Can you run us through what you’re using on the sim at the MTC, when you’re racing professionally?

When I’m at the McLaren Technology Centre, the Shadow Studio, we’ve got our partners such as Alienware who provide the PCs for us. They’re really super high spec, the best of the best when it comes to the graphics cards and CPUs.

We also have Alienware ultra-wide monitors for engineers to use when we’re competing as well. They have our sim rigs set up at the front of the room and then we have a row of desks where our engineers work, our strategist works.

lucas blakeley

The keyboards and the mouse, the Logitech equipment, it’s all good stuff. We have the Alienware monitors for engineers, because we don’t, as drivers, use ultra-wide monitors, we typically use the normal 16×9 aspect ratio.

So we had during last season, I believe it was the Dell 240hz monitor. Refresh rate is super important for us, one millisecond input delay or response time.

We have the Logitech wheel and pedals, which go on to our sim rigs. That’s what we use when we go to MTC. We have the Logitech direct drive, recently released as well, which I’ve had the pleasure of using a few times. It’s good fun to use, good fun to drive.

When we’re competing and F1 Esports when we need to look at strategy, and data, which is super important for the sort of the behind the scenes stuff, we also have Splunk, that provides us with really useful dashboards and information, it gives us a whole other world of perspective as drivers.

We have a singular perspective, right? We just see it from our eyes only, we have our interpretation of our race but when you have data from Splunk, which is usually critical for us to make strategy decisions, to debrief from races, to understand, analyse where we are gaining and losing, and what we can then do to improve on that, that is hugely, hugely important.

All these things are what ultimately, combined, give us the ultimate set-up, if you like, if that’s what you want to call it, it’s what gives us the gives us the tools to do the job. We’re really fortunate to have those partners who help us along the way.

More on Lucas Blakeley

Lucas Blakeley is a name that has gained prominence in the world of esport racing, particularly in the Formula 1 gaming community. Known for his impressive skills and dedication to his craft, Lucas has built a solid reputation in this fast-paced virtual racing universe.

For those who wish to delve deeper into Lucas Blakeley’s life and career, a quick search for “Lucas Blakeley Wikipedia” might lead to valuable information. However, it’s essential to remember that an individual’s privacy should be respected, especially when it comes to finances and personal data. While many fans may be curious about matters like Lucas Blakeley salary or Lucas Blakeley net worth, such figures should remain confidential unless the individual feels comfortable sharing them with the public.

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While gaining insights into prominent figures like Lucas Blakeley can undoubtedly enhance one’s knowledge and understanding of their field or profession, it’s crucial to maintain a respectful distance when seeking information about their personal lives. By focusing on their accomplishments and talent instead of delving too deeply into sensitive information, we can appreciate their contributions to the world of esports racing while still valuing their right to privacy.

Career Highlights of Blakeley

Blakeley is often associated with Lucas Blakeley. A talented sim racer from Great Britain, Lucas has managed to carve a niche for himself in the competitive realm of virtual motorsports. With an ever-growing fan base, many are curious about where they can watch or hear more from this promising young talent.

One platform where enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of Lucas Blakeley’s racing skills is Twitch. By searching for “lucas blakeley twitch” in the popular streaming site, fans will gain access to an array of content featuring his live races, practice sessions and engaging interactions with his viewers. The Twitch community has embraced Lucas’ passion for racing and his dedication towards improving his skills.

To broaden their horizons even further, supporters can turn to YouTube by searching “lucas blakeley – youtube” on the platform. Here they’ll find not only race recaps but also behind-the-scenes videos documenting Lucas’ journey as an esports racer. This content offers valuable insight into his thought processes and strategies while providing entertainment for those who enjoy watching sim racing at its finest.

Social media platforms such as Twitter offer yet another avenue to follow Lucas Blakeley’s exploits both on and off the track. Lucas Blakeley Twitter followers will be able to see regular updates from the man himself – sharing opinions, news surrounding events he’s participating in and fascinating snippets from his life as a professional sim racer.

As of now, Lucas Blakeley boasts an impressive following across these various platforms. These numbers are a testament to the impact he’s had within the sim racing community as well as his steadily rising prominence in this competitive world.

Fans looking to stay connected with Lucas Blakeley have several options available at their fingertips. By tuning in to his Twitch channel, subscribing to his YouTube account, and following him on Twitter, they can keep up with the latest happenings in his exciting career. Viewers can expect engaging content from Lucas Blakeley’s platforms that showcase not only his racing prowess but also the personal side of a dedicated esports competitor. Embrace the world of sim racing and immerse yourself in this adrenaline-fueled domain through the eyes of Lucas Blakeley.

Lucas Blakeley Race of Champions

Lucas Blakeley has made quite an impact in recent years with his impressive performances at events such as the Race of Champions (ROC) and the GB4 Championship. While these Lucas Blakeley ROC moments are milestones of his talent behind the wheel, there’s much more to explore about this young driver and his journey.

At the heart of Lucas Blakeley’s racing prowess is his experience in Formula Ford, a renowned single-seater category that has produced many successful drivers over the years. Formula Ford offers a cost-effective platform for aspiring racers to hone their skills and gain valuable experience. The Lucas Blakeley Formula Ford experience allowed him to cut his teeth and begin making a name for himself.

One notable moment in Lucas Blakeley’s career was his debut at the GB4 Championship. As part of a highly competitive field featuring young talents from across Europe, Blakeley demonstrated exceptional skill and determination throughout numerous races. This Lucas Blakeley GB4 performance garnered attention from fans and industry insiders alike, further solidifying his status as an up-and-coming force in motorsports.

Lucas Blakeley’s popularity extends beyond racing events alone – he also maintains an active presence on streaming platforms like Twitch. Fans who tune into his streams have noticed specific Lucas Blakeley camera settings that enhance visibility during races. Although exact configuration details may vary between sessions, it is clear that Blakeley takes care to ensure viewers can enjoy an optimal viewing experience.

While most would be content with their achievements thus far, Lucas Blakeley continues to push himself by competing against world-class drivers like Sebastian Vettel. There have been several captivating Lucas Blakeley vs Vettel racing encounter, with each new face-off fueling intense anticipation among motorsport enthusiasts.

Although Lucas Blakeley has yet to participate in the ROC Nations Cup specifically, his involvement in other Race of Champions events speaks volumes about his potential on the international stage. As he continues to develop as a driver and earn recognition within prestigious competitions like the ROC, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that we might see him representing his country in the Nations Cup someday.

Lucas Blakeley’s journey through the world of motorsports has been a thrilling ride filled with memorable moments and impressive achievements. From Formula Ford beginnings to challenging established champions like Sebastian Vettel, he has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with on and off the track. As fans eagerly anticipate his future endeavors within racing competitions like Race of Champions and beyond, one thing is for sure – Lucas Blakeley’s star is only set to rise even higher.

Lucas Blakeley F1 Esports

F1 Esports is essentially a virtual racing championship where skilled gamers compete against each other on realistic Formula 1 tracks, driving high-performance vehicles under simulated conditions. With its growing popularity, F1 Esports has made quite an impact in 2023. The Lucas Blakeley F1 Esports presence is a big part of that.

The F1 Esports Championship 2023 showcases some of the most talented virtual drivers from around the world. These individuals possess an impressive level of technical skill and knowledge when it comes to racing and maneuvering within this digital landscape. As with any esteemed competition, there are certain F1 Esports drivers 2023 who stand out among their peers. One such name is Lucas Blakeley, who has been making waves in the world of F1 Esports.

To better understand his achievements in this realm, it’s essential to take note of the F1 Esports standings 2023. As participants vie for supremacy on various tracks, their performances are meticulously recorded and ranked accordingly. This allows fans and competitors alike to keep track of their favorite drivers’ progress as they navigate through this exhilarating championship.

F1 Esports 2023 drivers comprise a diverse and talented roster dedicated to pushing the boundaries of their craft. These individuals often spend countless hours honing their skills behind the wheel to ensure they can perform at optimal levels during heated competitions. Lucas Blakeley F1 Esports represents just one fascinating aspect of this rapidly expanding digital arena that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. The excitement surrounding F1 esports championship 2023 demonstrates just how far-reaching its influence has become. With new talents emerging every day, it’s safe to say that the future of esports racing looks more promising than ever before!

Lucas Blakeley, Vettel, and Kiefer

As a driving force behind some of the most thrilling virtual races, Lucas Blakely has managed to capture the attention of motorsport enthusiasts across the globe. However, he isn’t the only one making waves in this rapidly expanding domain. Other notable figures include Marcel Kiefer and Sebastian Vettel, both of whom have made significant contributions to F1 Esports.

Marcel Kiefer is a well-known name within the realm of F1 Esports, boasting an impressive career that spans multiple seasons and various teams. He hails from Germany and has been part of some truly remarkable moments in the virtual racing industry. His exceptional driving skills and strategic prowess have allowed him to consistently perform at a high level, making him a formidable competitor on any virtual track.

While details about his early beginnings are scarce, what is known is that Marcel quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his dedication, passion, and tenacity. Over time, he has competed with world-class organizations such as Red Bull Racing Esports Team and even secured podium finishes at some of the most prestigious events within F1 Esports.

Blakeley’s journey into F1 Esports began with humble beginnings but soon transformed into an incredible success story. Through sheer determination and relentless hard work, Lucas has won numerous races within this virtual domain. Unfortunately, specific numbers regarding Lucas F1 victories remain undisclosed; nevertheless, there’s no denying his achievements speak volumes about his capabilities as an F1 Esports driver.

The aforementioned racers – Lucas Blakeley Vettel included – exemplify how competitive environments like F1 Esports bring out extraordinary performances from all those who participate. They serve as inspiration for aspiring racers looking to make their mark in this fascinating world where skill meets technology.

Ultimately, the successes and accomplishments of these drivers show that F1 Esports has evolved beyond being a mere pastime. It has developed into a thriving ecosystem where talented individuals like Marcel Kiefer, Sebastian Vettel, and Lucas Blakeley can showcase their skills, entertain fans worldwide, and even make a living doing what they love most – racing at breakneck speeds in the virtual world of Formula One.