Racing Chocs

Racing Chocs

For those who have a fervent passion for racing and an indulgent sweet tooth, Racing Chocs presents the ultimate treat. These hand-painted chocolates, meticulously crafted in the shape of racing helmets, capture the essence of both the world of motorsports and the art of chocolatiering.

Adorned with designs that reflect the helmets of both contemporary and legendary Formula 1 drivers, these chocolates are not just delectable but also visually stunning. Offered in customizable sets of 6, 12, or 24 pieces, the assortment boasts rich flavors such as pistachio praline, cherry ganache, mocha, hazelnut praline, mint fondant, lemon-lime, rum ganache, and many more, ensuring a palette of varied tastes.

The genesis of Racing Chocs lies in the keen interest of Matthew Poat. Originally involved in the European operations of an onboard video and data-logging company, Poat’s inspiration struck upon encountering a post by a New York chocolatier on social media. The chocolates in the post bore an uncanny resemblance to racing helmets.

This spark of inspiration led Poat to the esteemed Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Banbury, UK. There, he immersed himself in an intensive week-long course, mastering the delicate art of tempering chocolate, crafting with ganache, filling chocolates, and using airbrush techniques with colored cocoa butter to conjure bright, vivid designs. The culmination of this journey was the inception of Racing Chocs. Originating in Poat’s garage, the brand soon gained momentum, catering to customized orders from renowned names in the racing industry such as W Series, Arai, Mark Blundell, Walero, Pirelli, McLaren, and Mercedes.

In essence, Racing Chocs is not just chocolate; it’s a celebration of motorsports, art, and indulgence combined into one delightful bite.