Linear Edge Sculpts a New Type of Art For Race Fans

Fandom inevitably paves the way to object accumulation. Music fans have their backlog of vinyl (it sounds warmer), concert posters harkening back to a wild youth,  and a seemingly endless library of musician biographies ready to clutter up a coffee table. Motorsports fans are much the same with closets full of race day outfits, artsy prints immortalizing motorsports victories, and model kits of their favorite cars. 

Linear Edge hopes to provide an elegant alternative to those motorsports posters lining your garage and race car models accumulating dust particulates on your desk. Their solution? Architect-created sculptures of famous race tracks across multiple motorsports disciplines including MotoGP, IndyCar, Formula One, World Superbike, and more. The layman will see a stunning piece of abstract art, but you will see the twists and turns of your favorite track promising racing greatness to those who master them. 

Track sculptures come in multiple styles including 2D versions with no background, 3D versions that make the sculptures gallery-ready by placing them on a background in multiple colors, and engravings of the tracks carved into black squares. Hoping to get your local race course immortalized in sculpture form? No worries! Provide the track date to Linear Edge and they’ll take care of the rest. 

And if these elegant sculptures don’t rev your engine, consider Linear Edge’s engravings of specific cars like the Porsche 919 or the Shelby GT 500 Mustang. They also have prints featuring multiple tracks on canvas for those seeking something a little more colorful to express their love of the race.