Formawerx Rebuilds the Humble Car Key

Much is made of the connection between man and machine, but consider for a moment the relationship between a driver and their key. This humble object is the device that breathes life into all that chrome and fiberglass. It’s a totem that the driver keeps with them when they’re toiling away in the tedium waiting to get back behind the wheel. 

Formawerk builds hand-crafted keys worthy of our driving machines. “I love cars, architecture, watches, and even the advent of space travel,” says Formawerx founder Daniel Chae. “The pinnacle of design excites me to no end.” Maybe that’s why Formawerx keys look like they were designed to ignite a NASA spacecraft. The “Open Spec” collection features keys compatible with all vehicles in a variety of core and grip colors. Stepping up from there, the “Legends” series sports custom keys for a variety of legendary cars including the Porsche 911, Mazda RX-7, the Nissan GTR, and more. For the rarest of the rare vehicles, Formawerx has the “Bespoke” line with custom printed titanium keys crafted to your unique tastes and specifications. You can even color match factory paint or add custom artwork. 

If you’re eager to acquire a key befitting the passion you have for your car, you can search for your specific vehicle on the Formawerx website. Duplication services and custom engravings are also available.