Las Vegas-Based Watch Brand Launches Celebratory Motoring Watch

The Abingdon Co., a distinguished name in the world of premium watches, marks its 16th anniversary with a grand gesture for watch aficionados and racing enthusiasts alike. The brand is introducing five new vibrant colorways of its best-selling motoring watch, the Jordan, while also unveiling a limited-edition piece in honor of the first-ever Las Vegas Race Week.

The Jordan Watch, acclaimed for its impeccable performance on the racetrack and its capacity to mirror the wearer’s individuality, now boasts an advanced 6-hand Seiko Epson YM12 movement and is available in dynamic hues such as Podium Pink and Victory Red. Each watch in this expanded collection aligns with the spirit of racing and comes with a leather band featuring race stripe accents. The updated Jordan collection, priced between $650-$750, is an exclusive offering on the brand’s website.

In anticipation of the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023, Abingdon Co. has also crafted the Year 1 of Las Vegas Race Watch, a limited-edition timepiece that encapsulates the thrill of racing and the essence of Las Vegas. This watch is a physical manifestation of the company’s fondness for its home city and the excitement of motorsport. Presented in black leather with rally strap details and red stitching, this watch features the Seiko Epson YM12 movement and is an exclusive collectible available at Neiman Marcus Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

Founder and CEO Abingdon Mullin’s passion is evident in the limited run of 40 Year 1 watches, each priced at $1,499, presented in a custom racing helmet watch box for the full race week experience. These watches, available during the race week from November 11th to November 18th, are not just timepieces but tokens of racing history and Las Vegas’s vibrant culture.