Lewis Hamilton x Takashi Murakami Second Capsule for Las Vegas Grand Prix

In an exhilarating blend of fashion and motorsport, Sir Lewis Hamilton and famed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami have unveiled their latest collaborative venture for +44, titled “The Vegas Trip”.

This collection, inspired by the excitement surrounding the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix, is a remarkable marriage of high-speed racing allure and Murakami’s vibrant artistic flair. Comprising 27 distinct pieces, the duo has skillfully intertwined the thrill of racing with Murakami’s signature colorful aesthetics, creating a wardrobe collection that’s as pulsating as a Formula 1 race.

Murakami, celebrated for his unique artistic vision, infuses the collection with playful and vivid graphics. The artistry features his renowned character, Mr. DOB, ingeniously merged with Lewis Hamilton’s initials, “LH”. This fusion results in a captivating collision of art and racing imagery, promising to make a statement both on the racetrack and in the realm of street fashion. From hoodies and t-shirts to long sleeves, the collection offers something for every fan who cherishes both style and the adrenaline of racing.

Between November 15th and 19th, the +44 collection will be available for purchase at a special pop-up event hosted at the Wynn Las Vegas, in collaboration with NTWRK, and will also be accessible online.