Comedian Joey Mulinaro talks motorsports

Joey Mulinaro Comedian Motorsports Racing Indy 500

Indianapolis native Joey Mulinaro chatted with Podium Life about motorsports, comedy, advice and which race he’d love to win.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m an Indy native through and through who just enjoys making people laugh, racing, and my son Frankie. I usually try to avoid telling my family what I do because most of them still haven’t wrapped their head around the fact I can make a living doing what I do. If i’m trying to impress someone (my grandma) I just tell them I’m a comedian (I am). 

How did you get into motorsports ?

Like I said above, I was born and raised in Indianapolis. It’s just kind of a way of life whether you realize it or like it or not. Every Memorial Day weekend is just “race weekend”. The “welcome race fans” flags were all over the neighborhood. But I didn’t really start getting into it until I started working in local Indianapolis media after college. I had to be out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway all month and I just fell in love. 

Why do you think comedy and sports go so well together?

Well I think so much of comedy is being relatable. And there’s so much so many people can relate to with sports, whether it be growing up playing, becoming a coach for your kid when you’re older, or just being a fan. Then you add in all the personalities of coaches, media members, fans themselves and there’s just an entire giant sandbox to play with. 

If you were a professional driver, what would your helmet design be?

Man it’d be tough to not do something similar to what my mate Jack Harvey did for the 2022 Indianapolis 500. That Star Wars design (which he just got signed by Adam Driver himself and I’m definitely not jealous or anything) is all time. But I’d try to just make it reflect me as much as possible. I have half a sleeve of tattoos on my left arm and it’s all things that make me who I am. if it wasn’t Star Wars, I’d say probably a Joker / comic theme or a Kangaroo because well, Joey. 

Do you have a favorite racing series and why?

IndyCar. By a mile. And yes I’m from Indianapolis so I’m biased. But I think it’s the most competitive, most interesting, and most entertaining racing to watch in the world. Pair that with it being the home for the greatest race in the world: I don’t think there’s much argument against it. 

Best advice you’ve ever received?

When trying to figure out what you want to do in life, you should find something that you would do for free and do that until someone pays you. 

What are (3) things you take to the race track?

1. My Yeti cooler that has a ton of racing stickers on it. 

2. Miller Lite.

3. Sunscreen.

Would you rather win the Indy 500, Monaco GP or 24 Hours of Le Mans?

Indy 500. Not even close. It’s the best, biggest, greatest spectacle in racing, and I’m a hometown kid. Now, I’ll obviously never do that, but maybe my son will in 2048?

What do you think the future of racing looks like?

I think it’s incredibly bright. People are starting to realize how cool and badass these drivers are. People are starting to realize how accessible a sport like IndyCar is. You have to be someone’s son or have an insane amount of money to be in the locker room before a Jets game to see Aaron Rodgers, but you can be in the garages and get an autograph from Josef Newgarden before the Indy 500 for a very very fair price. Like less than $100. I think you mix those things with hopefully a gambling angle that can bring in the novice casual fan and it’ll continue to grow. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

If you’ve never been to Indianapolis in May, add it to the bucket list.