My Thoughts on Leadership: The F1 Star Creator, Prema’s Rene Rosin

Rene Rosin

In 2023, nine Formula 1 drivers have something in common, that they came through the junior single-seater powerhouse Prema Racing.

The team will have over 20 drivers competing for it in 2023 with undoubtedly a future F1 champion somewhere in its ranks. It’s also expanded beyond the junior sphere into the World Endurance Championship and with engineering expertise for hire.

Rene Rosin

Prema is a by-word for success in motorsport, but despite its seemingly enormous stature and reputation, the team has grown from just a few employees in 1983 to a sprawling juggernaut.

It’s trusted by many of F1’s top teams to field its star juniors and has relationships that reach all over the world, with drivers like Jacques Villeneuve, Charles Leclerc and Mick Schumacher rising through its ranks.

Rene Rosin
Red Bull has trusted Prema with its F1 juniors

Prema is also one of the truly family-run operations in racing, and at its heart is team principal Rene Rosin.

He sat down with Podium Life for this exclusive Q&A about the family routes of the team, his heroes, best advice, the future of motorsport and even if we’ll see Prema on the F1 grid one day.

Who are some of your mentors?

Rene Rosin
Rene Rosin

Rene Rosin: The real mentor I’m always trying to follow and take inspiration from is for sure my father, Angelo.

What he has done, starting from zero, building up a team that in the beginning, in 1983 was made of only three people, is something to be proud of, thinking that now we have more than 100 people working in PREMA.

Rene Rosin
A young Rene listens in as Angelo Rosin advises future F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve

Of course, we got a big increase in the last few years, but still, what my father has done and the reputation he has established for the team must be kept as an example.

He has always been working with young drivers. Not only trying to achieve the maximum results in terms of performance, because in the team there are different levels of experience, but to get the best out of every young driver to let them learn, improve and become real professionals.

Biggest lesson learned in motorsport?

Rene Rosin
Rosin and 2019 F3 champion Robert Shwartzman, now Ferrari F1 reserve driver

RR: For sure, never give up.

Even in the toughest moment, sit down, reflect on the mistakes made, and continue improving.

You can never rely only on the results of the past years, even if you are dominating because the competition is always going to become stronger and try to catch up compared to the past. You always need to look at the future.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

Rene Rosin
Shwartzman (l), Rosin (centre) and 2023 McLaren driver Oscar Piastri (r)

Actually, it’s the same. Never give up. Especially in motorsports, you can have one or two races that are not good, but if you continue to push and work motivated to get the maximum out of what you have, you can bounce back to good results.

On the other end, the results are not the only important thing. The atmosphere within the team, the well being and the collaboration between the drivers have always been key at PREMA. There are other teams that are winning and have done a good job, but I think that this kind of atmosphere has made a difference.

Drivers can rely on us, work with us and be sure that we are going to do the best job for them.

Who do you look up to?

Rene Rosin

RR: Of course, I always look up to my father, but if I have to pick a person that taught me a lot and that I looked up to is Davide De Gobbi, who is now the Managing Director of Top Speed and organiser of Formula 4 and Formula Regional in the Middle East.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s I was always following him and I really learned a lot as I grew up and made my way into this sport.

What does the future of racing look like to you?

Rene Rosin

Motorsport is in continuous evolution and is probably the world’s most dynamic environment so it’s difficult to have a clear picture of the future.

For sure it will be extremely competitive, and every single aspect will be increasingly optimised to gain a competitive edge. There will be new challenges to take on, and the know-how and technologies to approach those challenges will need to be mastered.

In addition, while single-seaters in Europe are quite well structured now, motorsport in other locations and markets are heading towards the same high standards. I expect to see it growing up globally and become more and more professional and organised.

What’s Prema’s best achievement so far?

Rene Rosin
Macau Grand Prix wins are always extremely special to Prema

RR: Every championship won has its own story and is memorable in its own way.

If I’d have to pick a moment, it would be 2011, when we won the Macau Grand Prix. Up to 2010, we were struggling a bit in terms of results, even if we had got some good ones with Daniel Juncadella.

But in 2011, winning the championship back in International Formula 3 after a few years, and winning Macau, which is a dream for all teams, is one of the most remarkable moments.

Then, all the championships we won in a row in Formula 3 are definitely making us proud. In more recent times, when we arrived in GP2 in 2016 and finished 1-2 with Pierre Gasly and Antonio Giovinazzi, winning the Teams’ Championship, and when we continued winning in Formula 2 with Charles Leclerc.

Rene Rosin
Rosin and now Alpine F1 driver Esteban Ocon

All the championship winners, for example, Mick Schumacher and Oscar Piastri in Formula 2, Robert Shwartzman in Formula 3, have their own character, their own story, and the moments we are all part of.

What we have done in Formula 4 this year has been incredible as well, as we were able to lock out multiple times the podium in UAE, Italy and Germany, it has been amazing.

What do you see in Prema’s future, would you ever want to branch out into F1 or prefer that Prema stays in the series it is in already?

Rene Rosin
Ferrari have regularly trusted Prema with its F1 juniors

RR: For sure, all the teams are dreaming to go to Formula 1 one day. All the engineers, all the team members, and even myself as a Team Principal.

However, we must remember that if you go to Formula 1, you need to have the right background and financial base which at the present moment is out of our reach.

Rene Rosin
Prema has started competing in the World Endurance Championship

You cannot be performing unless you do a strong restructuring process.

All the teams are aiming to do it but what we are currently doing with the new endurance project is quite demanding and I want to continue putting our best effort into everything we do. We want to continue winning and not rely on past results. I want to show what we are really capable of as a group of people.

Prema has always been a family-run team. What advantages and disadvantages does that give you?

Rene Rosin

RR: To this day, PREMA is still a family-run team. On one hand, it’s an advantage because we all know each other and we understand each other in a blink of an eye.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s limiting, especially when the team size is getting larger and larger. You cannot do everything yourself, you need to delegate and that’s one of the biggest steps we are facing in the last few years.

With multiple championships, we cannot be present all the time in all the categories. We need to establish an organisation that is capable to run autonomously.

We need to keep the PREMA family-oriented mentality while providing more structure.

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More on Rene Rosin

Rene Rosin is a name that resonates within the world of motorsports, particularly in his current role as Team Principal at Prema Racing. When it comes to fostering talent and achieving success on the track, Prema Racing is a team that is synonymous with excellence and ambition.

What is Prema Racing? Established in 1984 by Angelo Rosin, Prema Racing has built an impressive legacy over its more than three-decade-long existence. Initially focused on karting championships, the team made a strategic decision to broaden its scope and enter the world of single-seater racing in 1995. Since then, it has had notable success across various categories such as Formula 3, Formula 2, and Formula Regional European Championship.

Prema Racing headquarters can be found nestled within Italy’s beautiful countryside, just outside the town of Lonigo. This picturesque location is where Prema Racing meticulously prepares its vehicles while also coordinating its global racing efforts.

As one might expect from an elite organization like Prema Racing, there are diverse employment opportunities available within the team that cater to different skills and expertise. Some key areas where professionals may seek employment include engineering roles such as race engineers or data analysts who work closely with drivers to optimize their performance on the track. Other Prema Racing jobs include mechanics responsible for ensuring vehicle assembly and maintenance adhere to stringent quality standards.

Additionally, logistics personnel play a vital role in managing transport arrangements to ensure seamless operations at race events around the world. There are also marketing experts who help promote Prema Racing’s brand image and manage sponsor partnerships which contribute significantly towards financing their activities.

Angelo Rosin

Angelo Rosin’s storied career in motorsports spans several decades, during which he has established himself as an influential figure. He has made a significant impact on the lives and careers of many aspiring racers, providing them with guidance and support to help them navigate their way through the challenging world of competitive racing.

In the course of our exploration, we also come across another notable individual – Rene Rosin – who is associated with Angelo. Many might wonder about the Rene Rosin age number and his background. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information readily available to satisfy our curiosity about Rene Rosin’s age; however, it is undoubtedly intriguing to learn more about his life and accomplishments.

A comprehensive source for information on individuals like Angelo and Rene Rosin could be Wikipedia. While it may not always have every detail about every person in its vast database, Wikipedia can still provide a starting point for those interested in researching further about these prominent figures in the world of motorsports. The Rene Rosin Wikipedia page is worth checking out if you need another source of information.

Rene Rosin might not have an extensive presence online or on platforms like Wikipedia at this time; nevertheless, that doesn’t diminish his role or contributions to the field. It is essential for anyone interested in learning more about him to continue looking beyond conventional sources and exploring other avenues that may offer new insights into his life and career.

As we come to understand more about Angelo Rosin and his contemporaries like Rene Rosin, it becomes clear just how dynamic and vibrant the realm of motorsports truly is. With each passing year, new talents emerge onto the scene, bringing with them fresh perspectives and approaches to racing. It is through the tireless efforts of individuals like Angelo and Rene Rosin that the industry continues to grow and evolve, maintaining its status as one of the most thrilling and captivating forms of entertainment in the world today.

René Rosin Prema

René Rosin, a man of immense passion for motorsports, is the proud owner of Prema Racing. As the guiding force behind this prestigious team, Rosin has steered Prema to numerous victories and successes in various racing championships. This Prema Racing Owner has led this brand as one of the top teams across multiple categories.

Now, you might be wondering: “Is Prema Racing Ferrari?” Well, it’s not that simple. While the two entities maintain a close relationship, they are separate organizations. Prema Racing is an Italian motorsport team competing in various racing series such as Formula 2, Formula 3, and Formula Regional European Championship. Ferrari, on the other hand, is an iconic automobile manufacturer with its own professional racing team called Scuderia Ferrari.

The bond between Prema Racing and Ferrari runs deep and can be traced back to their shared Italian roots. Both organizations have been supporting each other’s growth within the competitive world of motorsports for years now. In fact, Prema Racing has often been viewed as a pivotal stepping stone for young drivers aspiring to join Scuderia Ferrari’s ranks.

Prema Racing’s collaboration with Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) serves as a key example of their mutual alliance. This partnership allows emerging talents from FDA to gain valuable experience while driving for one of the most successful teams in junior single-seater racing – none other than René Rosin’s Prema.

Over time, this collaboration has borne fruit by nurturing exceptional drivers who later made their mark in elite categories such as Formula 1. Charles Leclerc and Mick Schumacher are both products of this fruitful alliance between René Rosin’s Prema and Scuderia Ferrari.

While it would be incorrect to label Prema Racing as “Ferrari,” there’s no denying the strong connection between these two motorsport giants. The mutual respect and cooperation shared by René Rosin and his Prema Racing team with Ferrari have been instrumental in shaping the careers of many talented drivers on their path to greatness.

Rene Rosin Prema

Diving into the world of motorsports, one name that stands out in the realm of racing is Rene Rosin Prema. For those who are unfamiliar with this celebrated figure, Rene Rosin is a key player in Prema Powerteam’s success story. Established in 1984, Prema Powerteam has become a powerhouse in the world of motorsports, thanks to its remarkable track record and unyielding dedication to excellence.

As it turns out, Rene Rosin is not only associated with Prema Powerteam but also serves as the team principal for this esteemed racing organization. Under his leadership, the team has accomplished numerous victories across various championships such as Formula 3, Formula 4, and Formula Regional European Championship.

Moving beyond Rene Rosin Prema and the accomplishments of Prema Powerteam, there are other noteworthy organizations that warrant attention in the racing industry. One such entity is Art Grand Prix. Founded in 2005 by Frederic Vasseur and Nicolas Todt, this French-based outfit has also made significant strides within the motorsport arena. Competing in multiple categories like GP2 Series (now known as FIA Formula 2 Championship), GP3 Series (now known as FIA Formula 3 Championship), and even venturing into DTM racing – their impressive list of achievements speak for themselves.

Another prominent figure on the racing circuit is Dams Racing. With origins dating back to 1988, Dams Racing was founded by Jean-Paul Driot and former Formula One driver Rene Arnoux. The French team has since earned its status as a reliable contender within various championships such as FIA Formula E World Championship and FIA Formula 2 Championship.

While Rene Rosin Prema continues to be synonymous with success when it comes to motorsports endeavors at various levels, other teams like Art Grand Prix and Dams Racing have managed to carve out their own remarkable niche in this highly competitive industry. As fans eager to learn more about the intricacies of racing, it is essential to appreciate the contributions made by these teams, as well as their shared passion for excellence in motorsports.

Prema Racing Drivers

Prema Racing continues to gain recognition for its impressive roster of talented drivers. In 2021, the team showcased some exceptional racers who not only enthralled fans but also played a significant role in bolstering the reputation of Prema Racing. The list of Prema Racing drivers 2021 include Robert Shwartzman, Oscar Piastri, and Frederik Vesti. These individuals demonstrated immense skill and discipline on the track, making them popular among racing enthusiasts.

Moving on to 2022, Prema Racing had yet another remarkable lineup of drivers. The squad featured a mix of seasoned racers and promising young talents that kept fans on their toes throughout the season. The list of Prema Racing drivers 2022 included Dennis Hauger, Arthur Leclerc, and Olli Caldwell. Their memorable performances contributed to Prema Racing’s success in various competitions during that year.

As we look ahead to the list of Prema Racing drivers 2023, several team members are generating excitement already. While it’s too early to determine which racers will truly rise to stardom this year, fans can expect another strong lineup featuring both returning stars and fresh new faces ready to make their mark in motorsports history.

Focusing on the Formula 3 category specifically, Prema Racing has fielded numerous gifted drivers over the years. This highly competitive series offers an excellent opportunity for emerging talent to hone their skills before potentially moving up to higher tiers within motorsport. A few prominent Prema Racing F3 drivers include Jehan Daruvala, Logan Sargeant, and Enzo Fittipaldi. Each of these competitors has displayed great potential throughout their tenure with Prema Racing, capturing audience attention and garnering respect from fellow racers.

Prema Racing

Prema Racing is a distinguished name in the FIA Formula 2 Championship. As an integral part of the competitive racing landscape, Prema Racing has consistently demonstrated its prowess and commitment to excellence. The team’s success on the track has been nothing short of phenomenal, thanks to an unwavering dedication to nurturing young talent and ensuring that their drivers have access to top-notch resources and equipment.

The distinction between F2 and F3 racing lies primarily in the level of competition and technical specifications of the cars. Formula 2 is positioned directly below Formula 1 in terms of hierarchy, making it a crucial stepping stone for drivers who aspire to compete at the highest echelons of motor racing. On the other hand, Formula 3 serves as an entry-level category for those who are beginning their journey in single-seater racing. In essence, both categories play a pivotal role in shaping future generations of professional racers.

Looking ahead to the Prema Racing F2 campaign in 2023, anticipation is high as fans eagerly await news about potential driver lineups and technical updates. It’s no secret that Prema possesses an uncanny ability to identify hidden gems within the motorsport fraternity; therefore, one can expect fresh faces eager to showcase their skills on the global stage.

Given Prema Racing’s illustrious history in previous seasons, there’s little doubt that they will continue pushing boundaries and striving for greatness in F2 during 2023. In recent years, they’ve enjoyed numerous victories and podium finishes which have cemented their reputation as serious contenders within this fiercely competitive arena.

Moreover, with advancements in technology appearing at a rapid pace, it will be interesting to observe how Prema Racing adapts its strategies and machinery accordingly. As regulations evolve over time, so too must teams like Prema if they are to maintain their dominance on this thrilling platform.

As preparations commence for the highly anticipated Prema F2 2023 season, there’s no denying that the world of motorsports has its collective eyes trained on this exceptional team. With a wealth of experience and an unyielding passion for the sport, one can only imagine what heights they will reach in the coming years. For now, however, fans and enthusiasts alike await with bated breath to witness the unrivaled spectacle that is Prema Racing in Formula 2.