PUMA x F1 Academy

PUMA is excited to unveil a pioneering partnership with the F1 Academy, a collaboration that represents a significant stride in advancing women’s motorsport. This alliance merges PUMA’s renowned legacy with the F1 Academy’s dedication to nurturing women’s racing talent.

The partnership extends PUMA’s reach in motorsport, positioning the brand as a key supplier of race gear to six F1 Academy drivers. This involvement not only reinforces PUMA’s footprint in the racing domain but also underscores its commitment to supporting emerging female talents in the sport.

A highlight of this collaboration is the sponsorship of a standout car, adorned with a unique PUMA livery and piloted by the promising young racer, Aurelia Nobels. This initiative underscores PUMA’s dedication to promoting empowerment and diversity within women’s motorsports.

PUMA’s role as an ideal partner for the F1 Academy is further exemplified by its historical support for women in motorsport. The brand’s previous role as the official racewear supplier for the W Series from 2019 to 2022, along with its ambassadorship roles for figures like Naomi Schiff and 2023 F1 Academy Champion Marta García, showcases its continuous efforts to elevate women in racing. PUMA’s innovative contributions, including the creation of race suits tailored specifically for women, highlight the brand’s ongoing commitment to breaking down barriers and enhancing inclusivity in the sport.