McLaren Formula 1 Team World Record Fastest Pit Stop | Collector’s Edition

Crafted in collaboration with McLaren Racing, this work of art celebrates the McLaren crew’s groundbreaking achievement of the fastest Formula 1 pit stop in history, clocked at 1.80 seconds during the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix. This masterpiece is distinguished by its intricate black hot-foil embossing layer, adding a tactile and visual depth that mirrors the precision and speed of the moment it commemorates.

This art piece is a testament to the spirit of McLaren’s “Whatever it Takes” campaign for the 2024 season, which itself is a reflection of their extraordinary performance in 2023. The latter part of that season saw McLaren ascend dramatically up the grid, a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence. This dedication was nowhere more evident than in their flawless execution of pit stops, culminating in a record-setting performance in Qatar. This historic pit stop not only marked a moment of unparalleled success for McLaren but also symbolized the team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, both on the track and in the realm of artistic expression.