PUMA Debuts First Full Collection with Formula 1

PUMA and Formula 1® have joined forces to create an electrifying new collection for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. This collaboration marks a groundbreaking venture into the realm of motorsport fashion, blending PUMA’s athletic expertise with the high-octane world of Formula 1®. The launch of the PUMA & Formula 1® collection heralds a new era in sportswear, where performance meets the pinnacle of racing style.

This partnership represents a significant milestone, being the first full-scale collaboration between the two powerhouse brands. Together, PUMA and Formula 1® have crafted a line that not only satisfies the rigorous demands of athletic performance but also pioneers new trends in the fast-moving domain of Formula 1® fashion.

The collection stands as a celebration of both style and function, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources deeply rooted in the racing world. From the distinctive look of race suit patches to the timeless appeal of logo-driven designs and the robust charm of garage workwear, the range presents a sophisticated reinterpretation of motorsport apparel. It’s an ode to the sport’s storied past, yet with an eye firmly on the cutting-edge of fashion.

At its core, the PUMA & Formula 1® range embodies the essence of speed, style, and technological innovation, capturing the exhilarating spirit of Formula 1® racing. This unique fusion of elements has culminated in a collection that’s set to redefine motorsport-inspired fashion.

For enthusiasts eager to dive into this high-speed fashion statement, the PUMA & Formula 1® collection is now available at select PUMA stores and online at puma.com.