Formula One Record Book 2024

The world of Formula One racing, with its thrilling speeds, intricate strategies, and rich history, finds a comprehensive chronicle in the 2024 updated second edition of the Formula One Record Book. This tome is a treasure trove for F1 aficionados, offering an unparalleled compilation of Grand Prix results that span the entirety of F1’s storied existence. With over a thousand sets of detailed outcomes, the Formula One Record Book 2024 stands as the quintessential reference for fans of the sport.

Beyond just numbers and dates, the book delves deep into the fabric of Formula One, presenting exhaustive driver and constructor statistics provided by Motorsport Stats, a leader in racing data. It meticulously records championship standings and season summaries, offering readers a panoramic view of the sport’s evolution. The inclusion of expert commentary by Bruce Jones, a leading figure in F1 journalism, enriches the statistical landscape with insightful narratives and analyses.

The Formula One Record Book 2024 is distinguished by its comprehensive scope, covering over 1,000 Grand Prix events from the inception of F1 in 1950 to the current day. It also features all-time results for drivers, teams, and circuits, encapsulating more than 70 years of high-octane competition. This expansive collection is neatly packaged within more than 1,100 pages of in-depth data, making it a definitive resource for understanding the intricacies of Formula One racing.