PUMA and BMW M Motorsport Celebrate Art and Racing with Roy Lichtenstein-Inspired Collection

Global sportswear brand PUMA and BMW M Motorsport have proudly unveiled their latest venture, a unique fusion of racing excellence, artistic expression, and fashion innovation. This collaboration celebrates the 100th anniversary of the legendary artist Roy Lichtenstein, blending his iconic art with PUMA’s signature style. The collection, which pays homage to Lichtenstein’s centenary, aims to reignite his pioneering spirit for both art and fashion aficionados.

Back in 1977, the world witnessed the third BMW Art Car, a BMW 320i Turbo, transformed by the creative brilliance of American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Adorned with his signature “Ben-Day dots,” the car was more than just a racing vehicle; it was a moving canvas, depicting the cycle of a day, symbolizing the endurance of the 24-hour Le Mans race. This car didn’t just make an artistic statement; it raced to 9th place overall and first in its class, merging art with high-speed performance.

Fast forward to today, PUMA and BMW M Motorsport have reincarnated the essence of this iconic Art Car into a limited-edition capsule collection. It’s a tribute that seamlessly blends Lichtenstein’s art with the dynamic flair of PUMA and BMW M Motorsport, celebrating the racing spirit and artistic innovation at the heart of the BMW Art Car project. This partnership honors an artist who constantly strived to merge high and popular art, creating everyday objects that stood alongside his famous canvases.

The collection features a complete outfit – including a jacket, pants, tee, cap, and the classic PUMA Suedes – all intricately designed to showcase elements inspired by Lichtenstein’s BMW 320i Turbo Art Car. The “Ben Day dots” and vibrant colors merge to create a striking, unforgettable ensemble that speaks volumes of artistic and racing heritage.

For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the Art Car Collection by Roy Lichtenstein from PUMA and BMW M Motorsport is more than just apparel; it’s a piece of history, a blend of art and speed. This exclusive collection is now available in selected PUMA stores and online at puma.com, ready to be cherished by those who appreciate the crossroads of art, motorsport, and fashion.