Petrol Vibes

Petrol Vibes wall art

Crafted from 2mm-thick steel, Petrol Vibes offers sleek, unobtrusive wall art for racing enthusiasts, blending effortlessly with any interior design. The collection features silhouettes of cars, motorcycles, and iconic racetracks from around the globe. They also specialize in custom designs, creating personalized silhouettes of your favorite vehicles.

Each piece is laser-cut from real steel, then hand-polished and finished with a matte black coating. These 3D motorsport artworks stand out with their depth, achieved by elevation screws that lift them 0.6 inches off the wall, adding to the dynamic effect.

The range includes various car models like the 911 GT3 RS and Mustang Shelby GT350, famous race tracks like the Circuit de Spa and Silverstone, and even iconic aircraft silhouettes like the P-51 Mustang. For more custom options and mounting details, their website and Instagram offer insights and display ideas.

Moto Vibe also provides similar custom car art, with popular choices like the 911 Pikes Peak and Formula One 2022 F1, showcasing the vast range available for automotive art enthusiasts.