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Petrol Vibes wall art

Made from 2mm-thick steel, Petrol Vibes wall art is meant to be a well-designed piece of art for the racing fan, “without imbalancing interior design’s totality.”

Unique without being overbearing, these wall hangings feature car or motorcycle silhouettes and racetracks from all over the world. Petrol Vibes will create a custom silhouette of your favorite car, too. Each hand-polished hand-painted racing art piece is sure to make a statement in any home. 

More About Petrol Vibes

From motorcycles and cars to race tracks, Petrol Vibes offers 3D motorsport art, laser-cut from real steel. They offer all car silhouettes, race tracks, standing silhouettes, and custom designs. This also includes front, back, or top angle silhouettes and even frame silhouettes. Petrol Vibes legit process starts by every art piece being laser cut from 2mm of thick steel, then they are hand polished and powder coated with a matte black finish. “How to mount Petrol Vibes?” is a common question that can be answered by visiting their website. All of their products include elevation screws that lift the piece 0.6 inches away from the wall to establish the 3D effect and allows for easy mounting. The Petrol Vibes Instagram also provides photos of all of their products and artwork displayed on walls and in homes. Circuit de Spa, Silverstone Circuit, Red Bull Ring, and Miami International are just a few of the many race tracks they offer. 911 GT3 RS model 991, Formula One, Corvette c8, and Mustang Shelby GT350 are just a few of the many care models they offer. Motorcycles, cars, race tracks, and frames are all offered as custom art options.

Gift card options are available to order on their website and offer options at $50, $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, and $1000. Petrol Vibes coupon options may be harder to find though. The Petrol Vibes phone number is not displayed on their website, but you can use their contact page to fill out a form and get in touch with their team. The Petrolvibes Trustpilot page only has one review at this time, so Facebook or Google might serve as a better source of customer reviews. Where is Petrol Vibes located? It doesn’t clearly say on their website, but the co-founders (Kristijonas and Paulius) are automotive enthusiasts from Europe.


What is metal silhouette wall art? It is decorative artwork that features silhouettes or cut-out designs and is made from metal. It often starts as a sheet of metal and then laser cutting technology cuts it into a specific shape or pattern. Metal silhouette art is commonly used for exterior and interior decor. Metal wall art can be displayed on fences, walls, or freestanding as a sculpture and is usually made from a type of metal like copper, aluminum, or steel. Then the metal is treated or finished for its look or for durability reasons if used outside.

In addition to Petrol head wall art, metal silhouette cutouts and custom metal silhouette artwork has many different purposes. Outdoor gardens, for example, used this type of artwork by fences or among plants. Exterior walls and patios are also common outside areas to use metal wall art. Also used outdoors or indoors, metal silhouette art can be used as a privacy screen or room divider. For those looking for ideas on where to feature personalized metal car art, above the bed or within the headboard of the bed frame are both good options for a bedroom. For outdoor ideas, consider a gate or entrance. Using metal silhouette art like this ads a touch of uniqueness and elegance to the entry point of a home or property. You could also use it to enhance your fireplace area (both indoor or outdoor). Petrol Vibes wall art isn’t just for a home our outside of your home, you can also use it in a business setting. Add it to an office space by your desk, in the lobby, or even reception area. This artwork can be customized to represent the company or organization’s logo or values. Finally, it can be used as a personalized gift by customizing it with a name or date that represents something meaningful.

Petrol Vibes Wall Art

In addition to Petrol Vibes wall art, there are other places to shop. Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy offer car metal wall art from various sellers. Shoppers can browse through designs, check out different sellers, compare prices, and read customer reviews. You might also find metal car silhouette wall art at art galleries and craft fairs. These events often feature local artists and craftsmen who are uniquely talented and offer a wide range of products. Custom metal fabricators may also sell vintage metal car wall hangings that you can customize or personalize. Look for local fabricators or search online for shops around your area. Home decor stores may also be another good source for 3D metal car wall art. Stores like HomeGoods, Target, and Walmart usually have a dedicated section for this type of art and metal silhouettes.

Petrol Vibes wall art can be shipped and they offer different options when ordering through their website. They do not offer delivery to PO boxes or military bases and orders are dispatched from their warehouse in Lithuania. The typical time range to be dispatched is 5-15 days. The standard shipping times are 2-7 days (worldwide), 2-5 days (Europe), or 2 days (US or Canada express delivery). If customers want to return an item, they need to contract the Petrol Vibes team within two weeks of receiving their order. If an error or defect has been discovered, customers can send pictures to Refunds for returned items will be issued to the original payment the customer used when placing the order. The returned product should be sent back to Petrol Vibes in its original packaging.

Petrol Vibe

The P51 silhouette is easily recognizable and, as a result, is a popular machine to use for metal wall art. The P-51 Mustang is widely regarded as one of the most successful and iconic fighter planes of the World War II era. The silhouette typically features the elliptical wings, single-seat cockpit, and streamlined fuselage. It might also feature the tail section, which has a dual-fin configuration. The P-51 Mustang played a crucial role is protecting and escorting bombers on long-range missions.

What is the difference between 3D car wall art and 2D? Let’s start with dimensionality. 2D art is created and perceived in two dimensions (height and width). It exists on a flat surface like a screen or canvas. Paintings, prints, photographs, and drawings are just a few examples of 2D wall art. 3D art is perceived and created in three dimensions (height, width, and depth). It occupies physical space and can be viewed from many different angles. Architectural models, installations, and sculptures are examples of 3D art. 2D are relies on the illusions and perspective and depth to create a form of three-dimensionality on a flat surface. Shading, linear perspective, and foreshortening are a few techniques artists use to add depth. 3D art is almost always tangible and can be physically touched and experienced from different viewpoints. 3D wall art involves modeling, assembling, sculpting, or constructing materials together to form the piece. Clay, metal, stone, and wood are other materials also used. 2D art usually incorporates paints, ink, charcoal, or digital tools on a flat surface.

The Moto Vibe website is another source for custom car art that you can hang on your wall. They provide standing silhouette options as well as custom designs. The 911 Pikes Peak, Formula One 2022 F1, and Holden Commodore SS-V silhouettes are some of their best sellers, according to their website.


Just like with Moto Vibes and Petrol.vibes, Aircraft Vibes offers metal wall art that features historic plane and aviation models. Is Aircraft Vibes legit? According to their website, the P-51 Mustang, F-14 Tomcat, Skyhawk 172, and F-16 Falcon are just a few of their many silhouette best sellers. This unique style of metal aircraft wall art is a conversation starter for any room of your house. If you want your own specific aircraft metal art, custom orders are available. The Aircraft Vibes team designs every product from scratch and after finishing the silhouette of your customized order, they will send you a preview of it.

If you browse through their website, you won’t find any obvious Aircraft Vibes discount code options. Aircraft Vibes reviews can be found on their website or Facebook. There are 624 total reviews that can be found through their website, of which 583 are five-star ratings (out of five). The rest are four star reviews. There aren’t any three, two, or one star reviews. It usually takes 10-20 business day for a custom design to be completed. They do not offer a rust free guarantee so for those wanting to display the artwork outside, it’s possible but you may run the risk of rust. You can get in touch with their team by submitting a form on the contact page of the Aircraft Vibes website. Plane and helicopter options are offered as a part of their custom metal art ordering process. Silhouette styles include a side view, top view, front view, and custom angles. You can send them the exact model or a photo of the aircraft you wish to be created.