Is the Alpine Racing TRX the Best Racing Simulator for the Home?

alpine racing trx

Earlier this month, Sony released the PlayStation VR 2 virtual reality headset alongside a library of new virtual reality titles and promises to up the immersion of existing games. Take 2020’s Gran Turismo 7, for example, which earns a little extra mileage in the living room thanks to the ability to take in all that virtual racing action via Sony’s fancy, new VR headset. 

But can a virtual reality headset compete with an adjustable seat designed to perfectly position you like a real Formula One racer? Can it beat the feel of a throttle perfectly adjusted to emulate the tension of the real thing? 

Those are just a couple of the features built into the upcoming Alpine Racing TRX rig from Trak Racer. Developed in partnership with the Alpine F1 Team, the Alpine Racing TRX simulation rig can switch between F1 and GT racing positions in minutes by adjusting the seat, pedal tray, and wheel mount. Pedals, monitors, wheels, and other peripherals do not come included with the rig, but Trak Racer has extensive lists explaining what gear is compatible with the simulator. 

Designed for both pro racers looking to maximize training time off the track and fans eager to emulate the thrill of the race at home, the Alpine Racing TRX comes in a few different colors including standard black, and two variations of the Alpine team’s signature blue. Fans looking to get their hands on this realistic racing simulator rig can pre-order now and expect delivery in May, according to Trak Racer.