Period Correct Helps the Gentleman Racer Make a Statement

Motorsports fans looking to make a statement tend to do so with what they’ve got under the hood or parked in their driveways. But expressing yourself with your motor vehicle is just the first pass. How might one rev up their steez when they’re not in the driver’s seat? The answer: accessorize. 

That’s where Period Correct may be of assistance. Influenced by motorsports and continually inspired by “the future of speed and modern design,” Period Correct sells a range of accessories from classic car enamel pins to powder-coated engineering tool boxes—all designed to let the world know you’re a gentleman racer.

Why plonk your keys down on an end table like a rube when you could delicately place them in a suede-lined valet tray? Perhaps you’re in the market for a Jaguar D-Type print to adorn the gallery space above your whiskey collection. Maybe you’re overdue for a trip to the farmer’s market with a slick, black-canvas bag emblazoned with the “McLaren Cars” logo. 

For those in the Los Angeles area, Period Correct even offers an “atelier” (the word gentleman racers use for “workshop”) containing all of their racing-inspired accessories for perusal in a traditional brick and mortar shop.