Iconaclub Sets the Scene With Silk Scarves and Tufted Rugs

What does it take to be a motorsports fashion icon? Is it an insatiable passion for burning rubber and roaring engines? Is it a historic knowledge of racing’s finest drivers and brightest victorties? Is it a pocketful of the confidence that you can cut through the noise and a general smugness in regard to your competitors? 

To hear the mind behind Iconaclub, CEO Fu “Ray” Wang, tell his story makes it sound like it all boils down to being in the right place at the right time with a decent idea. “I realized that everyone showed their interest in cars through working with cars, but never through how they dress,” he said. “Which led me down a rabbit hole of discovering the lackluster fashion scene in car culture.” 

A few lessons in design and embroidery later, Iconaclub is creating fits and styles that capture the essence of car culture from the adrenaline-pumping feeling of being at the race track to the relaxed atmosphere of a late-night drive. 

Iconaclub’s summer collection drops in mid-June with pieces like the 911 Knit Sweater featuring Porsche’s iconic car in shades of pink against black. Pair that with Iconaclub’s workwear pants in khaki featuring more than enough pockets for all your bits and bobs as well as utility hook. Obviously, no look is complete without accessories, so be sure to snag an Icona Monogram Bandana with a patterned Icona dice logo in white and red. And the love for the Porsche 911 continues with Icona’s silk scarf featuring the iconic car set against roses. 

Iconaclub’s designs appear on other items as well like car decals, but it’s the tufted rugs that caught our eye. Check out the Sakura tufted rug with a five-spoke sakura blossom in a wheel with a cleverly included Iconaclub logo.