GT1 Pro Sim Racing Cockpit

Sim-Lab GT1 Pro Racing Cockpit

Unveiling the all-new Sim-Lab GT1 Pro, a game changer in the realm of gaming, making high-end sim racing more accessible than ever. Boasting a revamped structure, this sim racing rig provides rigidity to withstand the most extreme motorsports action with high-end direct drive wheels, ensuring zero flex. The innovative design significantly accelerates the assembly process, transforming the GT1 Pro into a speedster both on and off the racing tracks.

Sim-Lab GT1 Pro Cockpit Video

Endowed with all essential features for sim racing, the GT1 Pro stands as a holistic solution. It incorporates a side mount, tailored for shifters, handbrakes, and a multitude of gaming accessories. It sports a unique wheel and pedal deck, crafted from a single slab of aluminum, guaranteeing effortless and sturdy mounting of all popular hardware.

Sim Racing Cockpit

Constructed with finesse, the GT1 Pro embodies unmatched rigidity and stability for sim racing. The refined profile connections birth a flex-free racing cockpit, poised to deal with powerful direct drive wheels and intense brake forces, underscoring its position as a premier choice for motorsports and racing aficionados.

The sleek and modern design of the GT1 Pro is an engineering marvel, destined to skyrocket users to the pinnacle of sim racing. The racing cockpit exhibits impressive ergonomics, occupying minimal space, while making a striking impression in any setting thanks to its distinctive features and futuristic shape.

The versatility of the GT1 Pro is evident in its capacity to support a vast array of gaming accessories. The engineers behind this state-of-the-art sim racing rig included a user-friendly side mount, facilitating easy attachment and placement customization for your preferred handbrake and shifter.

Sim Racing Cockpit

Among the numerous enhancements of the GT1 Pro, a newly minted wheel deck stands out. This component, created from a singular piece of aluminum, ensures robust support for all wheel types, including the latest in the market. A front mount bracket is invariably incorporated for secure mounting of high-end direct drive wheels.

The GT1 Pro sim racing cockpit simplifies the assembly process with pre-drilled holes and a design devoid of corner brackets. In a harmonious blend of simplicity and adaptability, the engineers designed this new rig to be user-centric and time-efficient, drastically cutting down assembly time, allowing gamers to dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of racing.