Pininfarina and Roux Helmets: The Next Generation of Racing Helmets

Pininfarina and Roux Helmets Gear Motorsports Racing
Pininfarina and Roux Helmets

Revving up the racing and motorsports scene, legendary Italian design house Pininfarina and top-ranking helmet manufacturer Roux Helmets have announced a groundbreaking line of racing helmets. This partnership blends Pininfarina’s unrivalled motorsports design expertise with Roux’s commitment to premier safety equipment, culminating in a trailblazing development in motorsports and helmet safety.

Bringing the aesthetics of racing to life, these new helmets underscore the high-octane, dynamic spirit of motorsports. Rooted in Pininfarina’s heritage of creating iconic designs for renowned automobile giants like Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo, these racing helmets radiate sleek sophistication while upholding rigorous safety standards.

Exclusive to the racing circuit, the Roux by Pininfarina collection features a series of meticulously crafted motorsports helmets. These are purpose-built for both enclosed cockpit (GT) and open cockpit racing, fitting the requirements of Formula 4 right up to Formula 1. The helmets meet the stringent safety and performance standards set by FIA 8859/Snell SA2020, ensuring the ultimate protection for every motorsports enthusiast.

In an innovative move, the GT helmets prioritize temperature control. They come with an in-built air port and feature Roux’s revolutionary COOL-X integrated water-cooling system. With COOL-X TECHNOLOGY, water circulated from a CoolShirt cooler maintains a constant chilled flow, efficiently tackling heat stress and allowing racers to keep their eyes on the finish line, ensuring peak performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Setting a new standard in helmet safety, Roux’s unique release system allows for quick removal during emergencies, offering an extra layer of safety to all racers. Additionally, the Roux by Pininfarina helmets are equipped with a revolutionary visor system that expands the field of view, enhancing visual accuracy, and speeding up reactions on the track.