Gift Guide: All About Style

With hundreds of posts covering all aspects of motorsports, Podium Life knows how to pull together a gift guide. In this edition, we’re looking out for that stylish person in your life (even if that person might be you). Enjoy!

Much is made of the connection between man and machine, but consider for a moment the relationship between a driver and their key. This object is the device that breathes life into machine. It’s a totem that the driver keeps with them when they’re toiling away in the tedium waiting to get back behind the wheel. Visit Formawerx.

Heel Tread Socks

Step into the world of automotive fashion with Heel Tread socks, where iconic racecars transform into wearable art. These socks are not just a statement of style but also a tribute to automotive history, featuring unique details such as headlights, logos, and classic stripes woven into elegant designs.

px8 mclaren edition

Since 2015, McLaren Automotive has integrated Bowers & Wilkins sound into its supercars and hypercars. Now, this relationship goes a step further with the Px8 McLaren Edition headphones: A fusion of McLaren styling with the high audio performance from Bowers & Wilkins’ crown jewel. Treat yourself.

When Shami Kalra sought a design for a unique watch, Peter Cate responded with a masterpiece inspired by the world of motorsport. However, a minimum of 500 orders is essential for its realization. A portion of the profits will aid Peter Cate’s return to racing at the Nürburgring. The final design was revealed on October 15th, with orders open until December 31st.

Racing is a year-round passion, with drivers across the globe taking to the track daily, aiming for that first-place finish. If you’re going to stay in-the-know, you may as well do it with a stylish calendar. Available from Modern Racing Prints.

Who doesn’t want to be caffeinated like Indy 500 winner Josef Newgarden? Add a little style and coffee quality to your mornings with Josef’s choice of coffee machine, this Breville Barista Touch.

PUMA has joined forces with renowned music artist and designer, A$AP Rocky, unveiling a long-term creative alliance. With a deep-rooted connection to motorsport, A$AP Rocky steps into the role of Creative Director, bridging the gap between the adrenaline of the sport and the pulse of streetwear. Upgrade your racing gear here.

Alain Prost, a four-time Formula One World Champion, has left an indelible mark in the realm of motorsports. His legacy continues to thrive through 8JS, a fashion and lifestyle brand designed for racing enthusiasts. This brand offers a unique blend of style and durability in its clothing line. Check them out.

Café operates on three fundamental principles: seeking authenticity, cherishing minutiae, and revering well-crafted items. It’s their unique approach to life, manifested through genuine products crafted by skilled artisans in Ubrique, Spain, using top-notch raw materials, creating these incredible driving gloves.

Montblanc pays tribute to the visionary Enzo Ferrari: both motor racing driver and entrepreneur, he founded the legendary Scuderia Ferrari and established a global automotive empire whose name has become synonymous with superb quality and a passion for speed. Made from red precious resin, the edition symbolizes the beginning of Enzo Ferrari’s passion for motor racing. Its color is inspired by “Rosso 70 Anni” which is a special red color representing various iconic red tones throughout the years, first developed to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Scuderia Ferrari.