Floyd and Company Brings Dragster Swag to Your Daily Fit

The sun sets on another busy day in the shop. Your tools are strewn about in a pattern that suggests you had your hands full. Speaking of your hands, they’re somehow both oily and dusty from fixin’ this and adjusting that. You’ve been doing thirsty work, and Floyd and Company gets it. That’s why they emblazoned their hip flasks (in classic black and olive) with that very motto: “It’s Thirsty Work.” 

Inspired by American drag racing from the ‘50s and ‘60s and a deep-seated need to express the vibe of tooling down the highway on a motorcycle you know like the back of your hand, Floyd and Company launched as a lifestyle brand in England in 2016. While other motorsports fashion brands feature high-falutin accessories, Floyd and Co. makes a statement with hardy materials that will last until they’re well-worn. Take the vintage-style card wallet made of stitched leather, or the Roadside Service Tools Bag made from waxed canvas, for example.  

Accessories aside, Floyd and Co.’s got plenty of clothes to keep you lookin’ race-ready, whether you’re lookin’ for a throwback jersey reminding you to “never lose your edge” or a classic black T-shirt that lets folks know you’re living “Life in the Fast Lane.” And don’t forget outerwear! A good shirt deserves a good jacket, like the canvas Workhorse Chore Jacket with plenty of pockets for stashing your keys or your Floyd and co. flask.