Evro Publishing Wants to Build Your Motorsports Library

Despite the ever-present allure of engaging your motorsports fandom by way of your television, tablet, or phone, there are those who would suggest that limited screen time is best for your health. Even now, as Formula One is both happening in real time and being transformed into a cascade of highlight reels and commentary, we might occasionally be best served clicking off the TV, setting our phones down for the night, and getting tucked in with a good book. 

Might we recommend Jacky Ickx: His Authorised Competition History by Jon Saltinstall? This biography with a preface from the man himself, features an indepth look at Ickx’s history including his six wins in the Le Mans 24 Hours, and his pair of runner-up finishes in the Formula 1 World Championship. 
Looking for something a little more nefarious? Why not give Driven to Crime by Crispian Besley a shot? This seedy non-fiction book contains “stories of motorsports chicanery” including swindlers who embezzled their way into racing, drivers who committed crimes of passion, and fraudulent sponsors who ghosted when it came time to pay up.

These titles are available from Evro Publishing, a publisher of high-quality motorsports books ranging from technical engineering tomes that break down how some of the fastest vehicles on wheels actually function (Formula 1 Technology  by Steve Rendle) to memoirs full of stories direct from the race track (For Flux Sake by Ian Flux). 

With plenty of titles to choose from, there’s bound to be something for every motorsports fan seeking something to fill the downtime between races. Just because you’re limiting screen time doesn’t mean you need to limit your fandom!