Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake x BOOGIE: A new artistic project

Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake has launched a collaboration with world-renowned artist, BOOGIE, to create an artistic project aimed at bringing fans closer to the team and celebrate the start of the 2023 season. BOOGIE took his spray cans to the bodywork of one of the team’s cars to create a unique piece of art, which was unveiled in the stunning setting of Waldhaus Flims, in the Swiss Alps.

BOOGIE, a German-born graffiti artist, designer and illustrator living in Switzerland, boasts an artistic career that took him to creating content in more than 40 countries, with some of the biggest brands in the world and some of the most accomplished artists of his generation.

Based in Basel, BOOGIE embodies the spirit of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake: both international and proudly local, ready to engage with different cultures and places without forgetting where it comes from. Designed for a team that, since its beginnings, has been challenging the status quo, the Art Car is born in the Swiss mountains, the incredible alpine backdrop playing as big a part in the composition as brushes and paint.

Courtesy of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake

The design of this artistic project is not a simple PR stunt, however, but the beginning of a campaign to bring fans closer to the team. Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake partners, JigSpace, created a bespoke 3D model of the car, in its distinctive livery, which will be available for fans to enjoy in augmented reality (AR) from the comfort of their homes.

The Art Car will also be accessible in real life, as it travels to London for an appearance at the Stake stand at the 2023 ICE London, the Global Gaming Hub staged at the ExCel on February 7-9, in a showcase of the team’s partnership and the latest technologies; in addition, further appearances in Zurich, to invite the local community to experience the car, and at Grand Prix destination cities, are in the plans and yet to be unveiled.

Fans are at the heart of everything the team does, and Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake aims to get them as close to this project as possible: a group of the most loyal followers of the team will be invited to the team’s Hinwil headquarters to see the Art Car and meet BOOGIE: and to highlight how the Art Car project is a living one, fans will work with the artist to add their own touch to the detail.

Finally, following a year-long campaign, the Art Car by BOOGIE will be auctioned by Memento Exclusives through  F1 Authentics, to raise funds for Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake’s charity partner, Save the Children – giving back to the community even further.

This racing art project will bring Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake closer to the fans in each phase of its development. It’s an exciting, ground-breaking journey the team is proud to undertake, alongside trusted partners and an inspiring artist. This is the team’s first ever Art Car: with his distinctive, clean, comic-style look, BOOGIE put his signature on a unique project.