VanWoof Immortalizes Your Pet As An F1 Legend

There’s not much we won’t do for our pets. We dote on them like they’re our furry children. We order “puppucinnos” in drive-thrus when we’re getting our caffeine fix. We coo at them just for existing and praise them for their cuteness. So why not immortalize them just as the artistic greats have done with humanity’s finest over the centuries? After all, what’s the Mona Lisa got that Mittens ain’t got? 

VanWoof Custom Pet Portraits is creating canvas-based keepsakes that place your furbaby’s on a distinctly human figure. Perhaps your black lab would look good as a canine driver for Red Bull. Maybe your shar pei harbors a secret ambition to race for Ferrari (or dare we say, Furrari). 

You need only provide a picture of your four-legged pal and choose your preferred race team, VanWoof handles the hairy details. Prices range from about $25 for a digital-only version to about $67 for a massive, 18-by-24-inch printed poster.