Tom Havlasek Captures Motorsports Greatness In His Art

In the human mind, victory is momentary, triumph is ephemeral, and memories will fade over time. It is the job of the artist to capture those moments on the canvas, to turn temporary magic into solidified works of art that remain as vibrant and alive as the second they happened. Czech Republic-born Tom Havlasek encapsulates the glory of motorsports in his paintings, prints, and posters. 

Havlasek’s love of racing was cultivated at a young age through frequent trips to the Brno Circuit with his father. Though he studied computer graphic design in college, it was his passion for motorsport combined with more traditional artistic tools that led to his signature style. The cars and drivers in his acrylic paintings are simultaneously instantly recognizable and steeped in detail bordering on the fantastic. Streaks of color and splatters of paint portray the sense of speed and intensity of these cars, making them seem like they’re liable to roar right off of the canvas. 
For a behind the scenes glimpse into the artist at work, be sure and check out Tom Havlasek’s Instagram gallery. There you can also reach out to Tom Havlasek directly to purchase his work and bring the glory of racing to that bare patch of wall in your living room.