The Whale Tail Project: A Love Note to Porsche

The Whale Tail Project

Porsche enthusiasts are buzzing about the Whale Tail Project, a series of sculptures featuring the iconic aero kit piece in an innovative, nostalgic racing collection. The Whale Tail was first used on the 1975 930 Turbo, a popular car for a whole generation of Porsche fans for the first edition of a turbo in its engine and wide look, and racy driving style.  

The Whale Tail Project repurposes the 930 Turbo’s signature tail spoiler to create a sculpture with reworked original parts, painted with authentic Porsche colors, liveries, and paint drips. These exclusive pieces are limited to nine livery series and 11 pieces total, so this limited edition collection should be on every Porsche fan’s radar.

Whale Tail Project creator and Porsche aficionado Johans Lamic came up with the idea of redesigning the iconic 930 turbo spoiler when restoring his first ’84 911 Carrera Targa—and he didn’t want to throw away its hardware. The Whale Tail Project was born.