The Last Day of Automobiles: A Must-Have for Every F1 Art Collection

Maria Teresa de Filippis:

The world of motorsports, with its blend of speed, skill, and strategy, has always been a thrilling spectacle. But beyond the roaring engines and the adrenaline rush, there’s an art form that captures the essence of this sport in vivid detail. “The Last Day of Automobiles” is not just an arts project; it’s a treasure trove for every motorsports enthusiast looking to expand their F1 art collection.

A Nostalgic Palette with a Modern Touch

Drawing inspiration from classic cars and iconic racing moments, the art pieces on this site are more than just visual treats. They are memories captured in vibrant colors, reminiscent of the 60’s pop art movement, with a minimalist approach that ensures the focus remains on the subject. It’s a delightful blend of nostalgia and contemporary artistry, making each piece a perfect addition to any F1 art collection.

Sustainability Meets Artistry

The Last Day of Automobiles goes beyond creating visually appealing art. Their commitment to the environment shines through in their choice of printing material. The Giclée premium art prints are crafted on 290gsm, matt Hahnemühle Bamboo paper. Made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, this environmentally friendly paper offers a soft, lightly textured feel, adding an extra touch of luxury to each art piece.

Diving into the Classics

Each artwork captures moments that resonate deeply with motorsports enthusiasts:

Watkins Glen: Once the crown jewel of the F1 circuit, Watkins Glen was a symbol of grandeur and opulence. By 1980, its shimmer faded, marking the end of F1’s golden era.

Maria Teresa de Filippis: Her trailblazing journey in 1958 as the first woman to race in Formula One serves as a beacon of courage and determination in a male-dominated world (featured above).

Monaco’s Magic: The Monaco track, with its unique challenges and rich history, is a testament to the track’s undying charm.

Honda RA272: Beyond its distinction as the first Japanese car to win a Formula One race, its design and aesthetics make it a standout piece in F1 history.

1985 Belgian Grand Prix: A riot of colors and brands like McLaren, Toleman, Ferrari, and more, racing around the iconic Eau Rouge, encapsulates the spirit of this memorable race.

For the discerning motorsports enthusiast, “The Last Day of Automobiles” offers a unique opportunity to expand their F1 art collection with pieces that are not just artworks but also pieces of history. Dive into this vibrant world and find the perfect piece that resonates with your passion for racing.