The Formula: How Rogues, Geniuses, and Speed Freaks Reengineered F1 into the World’s Fastest-Growing Sport

In their book “The Club,” Wall Street Journal journalists Joshua Robinson and Jonathan Clegg delve into the exhilarating journey of Formula 1’s rise in the United States. They unpack the vibrant mix of racing enthusiasts, the allure of glamorous venues, the brilliance of engineers, the charm of fearless racers, and the intensity of longstanding rivalries that have propelled F1 to become one of the fastest expanding sports globally.

For a long time, the American racing scene was dominated by NASCAR and, to some extent, IndyCar, leaving Formula 1—a global titan in terms of wealth—in the shadows. Yet, by 2023, Formula 1 surged to the forefront, energized by a burgeoning American fanbase, marking a significant shift in the landscape of car racing in the U.S. This victory lap for F1, however, was anything but guaranteed.

In “The Formula,” Robinson and Clegg chronicle the remarkable resurgence of F1 from the brink of obscurity to its commanding presence in America. They attribute this success to the sport’s bold willingness to reinvent itself, characterized by high-speed chases, extravagant funding, exclusive destinations, and iconic figures. The narrative of “The Formula” spans decades, highlighting F1’s adaptive strategies and the visionary minds behind its transformation, including legends from Ferrari, Bernie Ecclestone, Christian Horner, to Lewis Hamilton.

“The Formula” paints a vivid picture of F1’s journey, offering exclusive insights into the lives of its most influential personalities, the competitive nature of its teams, the evolution of its cars, and the strategic risks that have defined its history. This book is a thrilling exploration of how modern Formula 1 racing emerged, narrating the spectacular triumphs and failures that led to its current prominence.

More than a recount of sporting achievement, “The Formula” narrates the story of a disruptor that carved its niche in the crowded American sports arena, leveraging financial power, magnetic personalities, and a revolutionary vision for sports entertainment. This tale captures the essence of Formula 1’s audacious entry and ascendance in an era dominated by non-stop media and entertainment.