Simucube Throttle

Simucube unveils its latest innovation, the Simucube Pedals, by expanding its pedal collection with the passive Simucube Throttle. This addition lowers the entry threshold for the most distinct simulation racing experience on the market.

Introducing the Simucube Throttle, a seamless partner powered by ActivePedal. Designed for convenience and excellent performance, the Simucube Throttle boasts straightforward physical adjustability.

One of the unique selling points of the Simucube Throttle is its tool-less adjustability for travel and spring preload, making it a user-friendly pedal that appeals to both beginners and seasoned sim racing enthusiasts. It perfectly complements the initial ActivePedal in the premium force feedback simulation racing world.

The robustly built Simucube Throttle, designed for easy maintenance, is ready to withstand years of intense racing – that is if you can resist upgrading all your pedals for full software control and force feedback. To further assure you of its quality and durability, all Simucube Pedals now come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

The Simucube Throttle is devoid of its own electronics and relies on the Simucube ActivePedal for power. Together, they offer a simple solution for racers to experience force feedback on the pedal side, all in one package. This combination aims to reduce cost-related barriers to entering the world of ActivePedals while maintaining optimal quality.