Simucube Announces the New Valo GT-23 Wheel

Simucube, a frontrunner in high-performance sim racing gear, is excited to announce the availability of its latest innovation, the Valo GT-23 wheel. Initially showcased at the Sim Racing Expo 2022, it’s now ready for sim racers to purchase and enjoy.

The Valo GT-23 wheel brings advanced functionality to the table, combined with a robust and stylish design. It features dual clutches with hall effect sensors for rapid starts or seamless handbrake use, keeping your hands on the wheel at all times. Additionally, 18 RGB LEDs are integrated to relay game data, aiding in quick responses.

The design of the Valo GT-23 wheel aims to set a new standard in steering wheel craftsmanship, reflecting Simucube’s expertise. It sports a sleek, all-black front appearance contrasted with vibrant orange details inside, embodying the energy of its users. The design intentionally moves away from traditional styles, presenting a balanced look between a polished front plate and a functional rear.

Key Features of the Simucube Valo GT-23 Wheel:

  • Advanced dual clutches with hall effect sensors and adjustable bite points for precision.
  • 18 customizable RGB LEDs for real-time telemetry data.
  • Two thumb rotary encoders by Bourns, featuring 20 pulses per revolution and additional push-button functionality.
  • A D-shaped wheel with Alcantara grip and black anodized CNC milled aluminium, ideal for various driving styles without the need for changing wheels.
  • Two shifters with N52 magnets and Omron micro switches, offering a consistent feel and durability for up to 1 million presses.
  • Ten robust buttons with Apem Tactile Switches and aluminum guards, enduring up to 10 million presses.
  • Two front rotary knobs by Bourns, complementing the thumb rotaries in quality.
  • Two 7-way joysticks by Alps Alpine, featuring multiple directions, rotary encoder, and a central button.
  • Simucube Wireless Wheel technology for a seamless, low-latency experience, powered by long-life rechargeable NiMH cells.

This wheel is a testament to Simucube’s commitment to quality and innovation, offering sim racers a top-tier experience.