Rally Point East Gear

You don’t get behind the driver’s seat of a high-powered sports car just to park it in your garage. These gasoline-powered beasts of chrome live for the drive and (let’s be honest here) an audience. From the hand-crafted curves to the deafening roar of their engines, sports cars were purpose-built for making everyone else take notice. 

Those seeking a stage for their vehicles and the camaraderie of their fellow drivers, might find just what they’re looking for at Rally Point East. This members-only club for the most discerning of driving enthusiasts is situated approximately one scenic drive into The Hamptons. 

For aspirational members, Rally Point East offers an online shop full of opulent swag including “The Signature Cropped Tee” and “The Casual Jacket.” And if you’re looking to take your coffee like they do at Rally Point East, pick up a bag of “The Club Roast Coffee” beans.