The Art of Racing & Emotion

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Racing & Emotion is a prestigious art company situated in Le Mans, celebrated for its creations inspired by the world of motorsport. Their product portfolio encompasses meticulously designed chairs, balls, surfboards, car hoods, and more, each piece encapsulating the zeal and spirit of racing.

Your Atelier Bespoke

Racing & Emotion is committed to transcending the limits of bespoke design. Their mission is to actualize the unique visions of their clients, merging the principles of rational investment with the fervor of passion. They collaborate closely with clients to metamorphose dreams and ideas into tangible, exquisite realities.

Official Gulf Licensed Product

Racing & Emotion takes pride in being an official Gulf licensed product, partnering with one of the most iconic brands in the motorsport world. The Gulf brand, boasting a 100-year heritage, is globally recognized and trusted by millions. When a customer purchases a product from Racing & Emotion, they are acquiring an original piece approved by the Gulf Brand, a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Racing & Emotion’s products proudly display the light blue and orange racing colours that made their debut in 1967. These colours, integral to the Gulf logo, are among the most widely recognized motorsport liveries of all time. They are so synonymous with the company that Gulf became the first lubricant company to officially trademark its racing colours.

Pursuit of Perfection

Every item from Racing & Emotion is the culmination of their lifelong passion for motorsports and their unyielding pursuit of perfection. They perceive their products not as mere objects, but as pieces of art, each bearing their heart and love for racing.

They select only the highest quality chairs as the canvas for their art, ensuring a uniform shape and a thicker layer of fiberglass, which contributes to the quality of the finished product. Their skilled painters in Le Mans prepare each piece by hand, and liveries are hand-painted in keeping with the finest motoring traditions. If leather is chosen, their master craftsman upholsters each chair section by section, performing the stitching himself.

Their craftsmen are members of the historical society Les Compagnons du Devoir (The Companions of Duty), having completed rigorous apprenticeships steeped in age-old tradition. They view their work as a form of personal expression rather than a mere task.

From world-class design to old-world craftsmanship skills passed down from generation to generation, the Racing & Emotion collections stand as some of the world’s most refined and unique tributes to motorsports. They invite you to experience the passion, the craftsmanship, and the unique heritage that is Racing & Emotion.