PUMA x Scuderia Ferrari New Era

PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari are excited to unveil their Spring/Summer 2024 collection, marking a new chapter in their collaboration. This collection is a fusion of sporty silhouettes, swift lines, and innovative body-mapped designs, drawing its aesthetic essence from the high-octane world of racing. It perfectly melds PUMA’s unique style with Scuderia Ferrari’s iconic design ethos.

Titled “A New Era,” the collection embodies innovation and elegance. Each piece is crafted with detailed body-mapped contours that enhance natural body movement. This line pushes the limits of fashion and functionality, introducing a vibrant color palette that includes unusual shades for a PUMA & Scuderia Ferrari partnership, like pink lilac and vine. These colors, paired with the classic speed yellow and rosso corsa, infuse the collection with modernity and vigor, symbolizing the evolving synergy between PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari.

“A New Era” also takes a sophisticated route with its premium approach, featuring subtle logos that elevate the elegance of each item. This minimal branding shifts the focus to the designs and fine craftsmanship, showcasing a dedication to refined and sophisticated fashion.

The collection is available online at puma.com and store.ferrari.com, as well as through select retailers.