PUMA x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport release the Mercedes-AMG GT2 Collection

PUMA and Mercedes-AMG Motorsport are excited to unveil their Spring/Summer 2024 collection, drawing inspiration from the extraordinary Mercedes-AMG GT2. This collaboration is a perfect blend of avant-garde design and the exhilarating world of motorsport, echoing the power and distinctive style of the most potent homologated race car in Mercedes-AMG’s Customer Racing history.

The Mercedes-AMG GT2, like all Mercedes-AMG vehicles, epitomizes unyielding performance and innovation. This ethos is skillfully woven into the fabric of the collection. Each item mirrors the car’s lightweight construction and refined details, offering a wardrobe that resonates with the bold, dynamic essence of this iconic race car.

The collection is characterized by its standout tan and light blue hues, creating a contemporary and stylish palette. Accents of electric lime and active red infuse the range with a sense of speed and precision, mirroring the Mercedes-AMG GT2’s striking aesthetic.

Featuring woven pieces as the centerpiece, the collection showcases sophistication and style, reminiscent of the meticulous craftsmanship of the Mercedes-AMG GT2. Hoodies and sweat pants complement the line, marrying comfort with high-performance fashion. This unique collection offers fans a way to incorporate the spirit of motorsport into their everyday style.

The PUMA x Mercedes-AMG Motorsport collection is now available at select PUMA stores and online at puma.com, offering a unique fusion of fashion and racing excellence.