Puma and Porsche unveil Crews Go Summer Collection

Global sports brand PUMA, in collaboration with Porsche, is excited to unveil the Crews Go Summer Collection. This innovative line draws inspiration from the thrilling worlds of high-speed driving and surfing, offering a fresh take on summer fashion by merging automotive design with beach-inspired elements.

As the warmer months draw near, the collection celebrates a love for both speed and style, perfectly blending the essence of driving excellence with the laid-back lifestyle of the beach. Tailored for those who live life at full throttle on the road and at sea, the Crews Go Summer Collection ensures wearers capture the spirit of summer, whether behind the wheel of a Porsche or surfing coastal waves.

This unisex collection features an array of items, from boldly graphic shirts to versatile hoodies and accessories, each piece embodying the vibrant energy of summer adventures. Highlights include a regular-fit hoodie for comfort, twill fabric shorts with practical carpenter’s pockets, and a twill shirt with carpenter’s panels and silver rivets, adding an industrial flair. The look can be completed with the Puma CA Pro and a matching cap, ensuring a cohesive and stylish ensemble.

Ideal for urban explorations or scenic road trips, this collaboration not only allows wearers to feel a part of the Porsche team but also to stylishly stand out during their summer journeys.

The Porsche Crews Go Summer Collection will be available at select PUMA stores, puma.com, Porsche-design.com, and shop.porsche.com, making it accessible for enthusiasts eager to embrace the season with a blend of speed, style, and coastal cool.