Own Your Own Desktop Wind Tunnel

Channel Adrian Newey as you turn your desk into a state-of-the-art wind tunnel. Grab any model car and see how the air flows – F1, NASCAR, IndyCar, you name it.

Experience the next level of car model displays with visual fluid dynamics. Immerse yourself in lifelike speed effects enhanced by top-notch lighting design. This innovative technology brings your car models to dynamic life, showcasing not just their appearance but also their aerodynamic performance through fluid dynamic lines.

Featuring a compact, tabletop design, this portable display case allows you to showcase your car models anywhere, anytime. Whether at home or in the office, the versatile and portable design ensures ultimate convenience and fun for displaying your collection.

Tailor your display with customizable screens and LED lighting. Explore a range of smoke nozzle options and sizes to suit every preference. The interactive experience includes digital screens, interactive LED tubes with fixed and flashing modes, and replaceable smoke nozzles, making each use enjoyable and personalized.

Protect your car models with dustproof and shockproof designs. The display case uses harmless oil smoke instead of water mist, ensuring zero harm to your models. This comprehensive protection allows enthusiasts to enjoy displaying their collections without worrying about potential damage.

Bring your models to life with our desktop wind tunnel, available in multiple sizes to suit every space and need. Elevate your car model scene display with advanced visual fluid dynamics wind tunnel technology and enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience.