McQueen’s Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon

We’re big fans of Steve McQueen at Podium Life, having featured his custom Bell helmet. It seems fitting that we spotlight this incredible book.

No Hollywood icon has been as synonymous with cars and bikes as Steve McQueen, the King of Cool. His legacy in automotive culture is legendary, from the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback in the epic car chase of “Bullitt” to the iconic Triumph motorcycle in “The Great Escape.” “McQueen’s Machines” offers an intimate exploration of the vehicles that McQueen not only drove on screen but also owned and raced in real life.

Steve McQueen was more than just an actor; he was an accomplished racer, participating in top-level motorcycle and car racing events. His participation in the 12 Hours of Sebring race and his impressive performance in the Baja 1000 off-road race are testaments to his genuine skill and passion for racing. He also famously performed many of his own stunts, adding to his reputation as a true enthusiast.

The book, with a foreword by McQueen’s son, Chad McQueen, delves deep into the star’s storied racing career, his adventures in stunt work, and his expansive collection of cars and motorcycles. It offers readers a comprehensive look at how Steve McQueen’s love for speed and performance drove many aspects of his life and career. “McQueen’s Machines” paints a vivid portrait of a man whose driving passion was as immense as his on-screen persona, making it an essential read for fans of Steve McQueen and automotive enthusiasts alike.