Metal & Glory

Metal & Glory, born out of an undying love for speed and aesthetics in 2023, is a premier boutique brand specializing in motorsport apparel and accessories, nestled in the picturesque coastal city of Laguna Beach, California. Formerly known as Lights Out Motorsports, this brand has rapidly become a beacon for those who live and breathe the adrenaline-fueled world of racing.

With a foundation deeply rooted in both the art of design and the pulse of driving, Metal & Glory caters to the motorsport aficionado. Each piece is a testament to the speed, precision, and daring spirit inherent to the racetrack. The brand’s dedicated team, when not meticulously crafting the next line of exclusive gear, can be found trackside, immersing themselves in the roar of engines and the symphony of speed, piloting an array of race cars that reflect their commitment to the sport.

Max P., the owner and chief designer at Metal & Glory, sees the creation of motorsport apparel as more than just a business—it’s a thread that weaves together a community of racers and enthusiasts. “Designing motorsport apparel makes us feel connected to our high-octane community of drivers and fans,” he says, encapsulating the essence of camaraderie that fuels the brand.

Keeping the momentum high, Metal & Glory introduces new products weekly, ensuring their lineup is as dynamic and ever-evolving as the motorsport events that inspire them. With every stitch and print, Metal & Glory doesn’t just sell clothing and accessories—they curate a lifestyle for the speed-obsessed, the design-savvy, and everyone who finds solace in the scent of burning rubber and the sight of checkered flags.