LaserSouq Wood Circuit Maps

Located in Bahrain, LaserSouq is a hub of creativity led by Bruce, a dedicated digital media artist and photographer. Specializing in unique wooden maps and detailed motorsport race tracks, Bruce personally designs, creates, and ships each item from his studio.

LaserSouq is more than a business—it’s a passion project. He takes pride in crafting art pieces that evoke cherished memories and inspire wonder, using high-quality materials and precise laser engraving techniques.

His collection includes multi-layered wooden maps that capture the spirit of beloved locales and intricately engraved circuits such as Le Mans, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Monza, Monaco and more for motorsport fans, making each piece a perfect gift or personal keepsake.

Bruce invites you to explore LaserSouq and discover artworks that resonate with your style and passions. Join him in celebrating the beauty and joy of handcrafted art.