Kickstarter Project: Lights Out Racing—a fast-paced board game inspired by F1

Finally, the world’s most addictive sport just got better—and you can participate. Designed for novice and diehard racing fans, Lights Out Racing brings racing to you.

Lights Out Racing uses elements of FORMULA 1 racing in the gameplay. From an Energy Recovery System (ERS) to a Drag Reduction System (DRS) and overtakes to braking zones, it feels real.

Get ready for an intense race where you’ll overtake opponents one by one, strategically store and deploy ERS to gain the upper hand, and follow close behind your opponents for that DRS boost. When you enter a braking zone, brake with precision or suffer wheel lockups.

Pit stops, track position, and track limit warnings add more to the mix! This game is the adventure you’ve been waiting for and makes spending quality time together so much fun. Unplug around a table to create memories that will last a lifetime and span generations.

As the driver, you will unleash the car’s power, speed, and control. Lights Out Racing is a true racing experience that you can get right at home!

All the drivers playing the game share the same turn, and you each roll two colored dice simultaneously. Drivers move their cars the entire value of the dice roll, starting with the driver furthest from the lead.

But that’s just the start of it! Each turn is full of excitement as players do so much more than move their dice roll. Your turn incorporates strategy as you use your ERS, DRS, overtakes, braking zones, and pit stops.

Lights Out Racing comes with four tracks that offer unique playability. Each track has a predetermined number of laps for the race. However, you can shorten or lengthen your game depending on how much time you have to play.