Jim Clark’s 155 Lotus-Climax Formula 1 Racing Car

Jim Clark 155 Lotus-Climax

In the vibrant world of 1960s F1 motorsports, few vehicles captured the imagination quite like the Lotus-Climax racing car, a standout among the renowned Corgi models. Launched with much anticipation in December 1964, this racing marvel quickly became a coveted item for motorsport aficionados, making it a perfect gift for the Christmas season.

Drawing inspiration from Colin Chapman’s innovative and aerodynamic design principles, this car first roared onto the racing scene in 1962. It wasn’t just the design that made it legendary; it was also the unparalleled skill of motorsport legend Jim Clark behind the wheel that cemented its place in racing history.

Painted in the iconic ‘British racing green’ hue and accented with a striking yellow stripe, the car’s aesthetics were further enhanced by the prominent number one decal. Interestingly, a quirk in its packaging showed the car with a number four, adding a touch of mystery.

One of its most charming features was the inclusion of a detailed miniature driver, allowing enthusiasts to bring the thrill of a Grand Prix right into their living rooms. But as with all things, designs evolve, and by 1975, the world of racing cars had undergone significant transformations, leading to the retirement of this classic model.