Hello, I’m Paul Page: It’s Race Day in Indianapolis

The ultimate book for the Indy 500 fan. Broadcasting live from the booth, Paul Page brought the thrill of twenty-seven Indy 500 races to life, serving initially as the “Voice of the Indy 500” on radio before taking on the role of chief announcer for the ABC telecast. From his beginnings as a pit reporter to his semi-retirement in 2016, Paul Page has narrated the Greatest Spectacle in Racing for countless fans across multiple generations.

Paul Page’s life was profoundly influenced by the Indy 500. His passion for racing and the Speedway ignited during his teenage years, eventually becoming his life’s focus. Securing his first press pass in 1965, Page quickly became an integral part of Gasoline Alley, earning the trust and friendship of numerous drivers, mechanics, and team owners over the years.

Page’s journey to prominence was marked by unwavering dedication to his dream, despite facing numerous challenges, including dropping out of college, the devastating loss of his mentor to suicide, and surviving a severe helicopter accident. Through each hardship, Page seized every chance to deepen his knowledge of broadcast journalism and motor racing.

Throughout his distinguished career with ABC, NBC, CBS, and ESPN, Page has provided commentary for a diverse array of races and competitions, ranging from Indy cars and drag racing to the Olympics, the America’s Cup, the X Games, and even Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. His storytelling spans six decades, intertwining the history, tradition, and mystique of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Page has introduced listeners to the speedway’s legendary figures, shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and recounted his experiences from broadcast booths worldwide, painting a vivid picture of his early days as a reporter in Indianapolis.